Living in El Paso, TX Pros & Cons

The Pros and Cons of Living in El Paso, Texas

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Combining a beautiful climate, fantastic amenities, and a low cost of living, El Paso, Texas, is an inviting, exciting city. We’re multi-cultural, affordable and our economy is doing better than average. Even better, El Paso is ripe for outdoor adventures of every kind. If you’re into nature’s beauty, there’s plenty of it here to enjoy while biking, hiking, camping, and more. (Our white water rafting is some of the best in the county!) History and culture? El Paso is overflowing with both and a diversity to rival any American metropolis.

Of course, no city is perfect, and El Paso, like every American city, has a few problem areas. If you’re planning to move to this lovely neck of the woods, we feel it’s best to know the good and the bad. To help, we put together a list of the biggest pros and cons of living in El Paso, Tx, for your perusal. Things like the weather, cost of living, amenities, nightlife, and other vital, valuable stuff. If El Paso is in your sights, read on to find out what makes this Texas town tic!

Living in El Paso

PRO: Living in El Paso is Affordable

Considering what we offer, the cost of living in El Paso is quite affordable. With a score of 81/100, it’s nearly 20 points below the national average! That’s likely because every cost-of-living index in El Paso is below that average. While not far below the national average on most costs, we’re much better in two; housing and healthcare. As we’ll see below, housing is one of the main reasons why the cost of living here is lower. In any case, paying bills and saving money will be easier in El Paso than in many other comparable cities. Below are the numbers for the significant cost indices in El Paso:

  • Overall. 81/100
  • Groceries. 92/100
  • Health care. 87/100
  • Housing. 57/100
  • Utilities 97/100
  • Transportation. 92/100
  • Miscellaneous. 94/100
  • Median home cost. $127,500. (The national average is $231,200.)

CON: El Paso is Far From Other Cities

For many, this isn’t too big of a con, but for some, it can be. We’re talking about the fact that El Paso is hundreds of miles from the nearest comparable city in the US. Lubbock, Texas, is 300 miles away, for example. Albuquerque, New Mexico, is 230 miles away, and Tucson, Arizona 266 miles. Some don’t see this as a big problem. But, if you like being closer to other big cities, it can be.

Living in El Paso

PRO: The Weather in El Paso Is Great

If warm, sunny weather most of the year is what you desire, El Paso delivers. Our BestPlaces Comfort Index is 8/10, which is excellent. It rarely, if ever, gets cold enough to snow here, and spring and fall are both glorious. Yes, summer can be sweltering (see below), but that’s why they make A/C! When you talk about the pros and cons of living in El Paso, TX, the weather is a huge pro! Many people, though, rent a climate-controlled storage unit in El Paso to store things that can’t take the humidity.

Find Self Storage in El Paso, TX

CON: Summer in El Paso Can Be Brutally Hot

Like most cities in the south, El Paso has summertime temperatures that soar into the 90s and, occasionally, the 100s. From May through September, the chance of the mercury going above 90 is very high. That’s five months during which some people find it difficult to go outside without feeling faint or having breathing problems. Yes, everything is air-conditioned, but if you like walking, running or other outdoor activities, it’s a problem. Most residents cope by going out early in the morning or late in the afternoon. That way, everything is a bit cooler and more comfortable. As far as the pros and cons of living in El Paso, TX, are concerned, the summer heat is a definite con.

PRO: Public Schools Get Good Grades

For families with school-age children, you’ll be glad to know El Paso gets excellent grades for schools. It’s a B+ which, while not perfect, is close. Of the 210+ schools in our city, over 40 of them get an A. Very few schools in El Paso get lower than a B-, which is also excellent news. It means your children will get the resources and learn the skills they need to thrive as adults. The most prominent pros and cons of living in El Paso, TX? Schools are most definitely on the pro list.

Living in El Paso

PRO: The Cost of Housing is Very Affordable

As we’ve seen, the cost of living in El Paso gets a score of 81/100. That’s an excellent score, no doubt, mainly because housing here gets 57/100. That’s a phenomenal number which means, in El Paso, you’ll pay almost 50% less than the national average for a new home. Savings like that can make it much easier to pay your bills and save for college and retirement. Our median home price of $127,500 is $100,000 less than the national average! Median rent, at $837 a month, is very affordable too. Thus, housing costs are one of the biggest pros and cons of living in El Paso, TX.

What did you think of the pros and cons of El Paso? We like to believe there are many more pros than cons and we hope you agree. We’re SecurCare, the El Paso storage experts. If you’ve just arrived and need storage fast, we can help. Our El Paso storage units are safe, clean, and affordable. Find out more by chatting online with one of our friendly managers. Until then, we wish you much joy and happiness in your new El Paso home!

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13 thoughts on “Living in El Paso, TX Pros & Cons”

  1. This town is in a perpetual low wage state, the whole political and economic systems are structured to keep wages down. And some claim its because of its proximity to Juarez on the Mexico side, makes no sense its more of an excuse………….

  2. There is nothing you can say that would stop me from moving back home, if I could. El Paso is home and always will be. Two years ago I had the pleasure of talking to Ronnie Stallworth. He is the subject of the real life movie KKKLansmen. We lived on the same street in El Paso and graduated from Austin High. Anyway, we were talking about the good life of El Paso and i said I miss it so much. He said Cliff, come home. Because he had moved back to El Paso. They say you can never go home. Wrong. El Paso will always be home. Just the other day, i wished that I had returned home after law scool in Baton Rouge. I miss home.

  3. Your sure right about that exscuse low wages for American people living in El Paso Tx. No EXSCUSE.

  4. I moved from Oklahoma to El Paso at age 17 just out of high school. I went into culture shock but I fell in love. It also is considered to be very low violent crime and a great place for families. The pros outweigh the cons in every way and as far as low wage, well you could be in a city that is charming and high wage like San Francisco but the housing and cost of living keeps people from sustainable housing leading to a huge homeless issue. I love El Paso!

  5. The weather is undeniable the best but the property tax is one of the highest in the nation. Why people continue to buy homes in El Paso as opposed to NM blows my mind. The food scene is still decades behind other cities and the people are victims of “being stuck in their own ways” that any progressive ideas get shut down. And let’s not get started with the crooked city officials. Other than all that, the people with established roots are the most wholesome down to earth people you’ll ever meet and because of that the city is shielded from the rest of US’s racial issues.

  6. Elpaso is a fantastic fantastic city I retired here 3 years ago from the very very expensive state of New Jersey which is very very expensive to live on a retirement elpaso has a lot of perks to it the cost of living is fantastic people are warm and friendly I would never ever ever return to the state of New Jersey this is now my home

  7. This is great news!! I just retired in San Francisco, Ca, there’s no way I can buy a home here and rents are sky-high and taxes! I’m considering buying in El Paso, this article was very helpful and so were the comments!

  8. What are the wages in El Paso, Texas,? What is the lowest and what is the highest wage ?

    Is there a State Income Tax?

  9. I like the guy that said his buddy is the subject of the movie KKKlansmen and that’s in the thread of a good reason to move to El Paso ?

  10. My husband and I are looking to move in the next year and we are considering El Paso. Currently we live in south Maryland, it gets way too cold in winter and the place is too politically divided.

    We have 3 children and want a diverse place to raise them, hoping to visit El Paso soon to see if it will be our new home.

  11. My wife and I are moving to El Paso from LA. My wife grew up there and we’ve been several times. Everything I need I can get in El Paso without the horrible traffic, crime and pollution. Weather is warm most the year and no state income tax. UTEP sports and the chihuahuas baseball. I’m a foodie and I’m going to be just fine!

  12. The worst place in the world to live drugs and gangs all over town elpaso police officers are shorthanded I spent 5 and a half years in this brutal city worst restaurants when trying to eat I would recommend don’t be a fool nothing here at all don’t bother moving here you will regret your decision go elsewhere elpaso is gangs and drugs indeed and that’s a fact

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