Living in Midland, TX: What’s It Like?

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in Midland? Founded in 1881 as the midway point between El Paso and Ft. Worth, Midland was a vital railroad stop. Midland was a ‘prairie town’ if there ever was one. That all changed with the oil boom of 1923. After the discovery of the Big Lake oil field, Midland’s population boomed. Today, oil still plays a big part in the economy. However, Midland is also a large and natural gas provider and telecommunications center.

If you’re moving to Midland, you may have questions about things like the climate, cost of living, amenities, and so forth. The good news is that we have you covered! We’ve gathered plenty of facts and figures to answer the question, “what’s it like living in Midland, Texas?” So if you’re headed our way, read on to discover all that’s good, bad, and ugly about Midland. Enjoy!

Living in Midland Means HOT Summers

If you’re moving to Midland, we sure hope you like it hot! That’s because the climate here provides long, hot summers. Snowfall is less than 5 inches per year, with less than four days of snow overall. In summer, the temperature soars into the 90s and sometimes over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. (The record is 116 degrees!) In fact, over 100 days a year in Midland, you’ll find temperatures over 90 degrees. That’s hot, so prepare to live in shorts and short-sleeve shirts almost year-round.

Midland Has Quite the Skyline

Midland is also called “The Tall City” due to its downtown skyline. The end of the 1980s saw an oil bust, and city planners scrapped plans for future skyscrapers. That includes the Energy Tower, which would have been 59 floors and 870 feet tall. Today, though, the Bank of America building is the tallest at 24 stories and 332 feet.

Living in Midland, TX: What's It Like?

We Have Sports, But None are Major League

Texas, as you may have heard, is big into sports, especially football. (Friday Night Lights was not an exaggeration of Texas’ love for the game.) The Lone Star State hosts many professional teams, including the storied Dallas Cowboys of the NFL. There’s also the Houston Texans and, in baseball, the Texas Rangers. Basketball boasts three major teams; the Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, and Houston Rockets.

Here in Midland, however, we have to settle for smaller teams. For some, though, smaller teams are better. (They play harder, with fewer primadonna’s on their teams.) They include:

  • The Midland RockHounds, the Double-A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.
  • The West Texas Drillers, a Minor Pro Football League team.
  • The West Texas United Sockers, a member of the United Soccer Leagues Premier Development League (PDL).
  • The Midland Mad Dog Rugby Club, part of the Texas Rugby Union.

Midland College, a member of the Western Junior College Athletic Conference, is also of some note. Not only has the school seen 192 All-Americans, but they’ve also won 20 national championships and different sports since 1975!

Midland is the 2nd Best Place to Live in Texas

Movoto Real Estate recently named Midland the 2nd Best Place to Live in Texas, which is quite an honor. That’s likely because we offer a wide variety of amenities, arts, culture, and natural wonders. It’s also possible due to the people here, who are open, friendly, and welcoming. Many folks rent a storage unit in Midland when they arrive. That way, they can store their household goods while they search for the perfect new home.

The Bush Dynasty Started Here in Midland

If you’re a student of politics, it will interest you to know that the Bush family lived here in Midland. Former First Lady Barbara Bush was born here. She and President George H. W. Bush lived here for many years, as well as their son George W. Bush and former First lady Laura Bush. You can see where it all started today at the George W. Bush Childhood Home, a celebration of their family.

Public Schools Here Aren’t Perfect

One crucial factor to know about Midland is that schools here are mediocre. They’re not the worst, but they’re not the best either. (Although they do seem to be improving.) Early College High School at Midland College is a real standout. It gets an A- grade, which is excellent. It’s a public school with a 21 to 1 teacher-to-student ratio, which is very good.

The Median Household Income is Solid

The median household income nationally is just over $55,000. In Midland, though, it’s just under $80,000, a substantial increase. The city gets high grades for employment, business growth, and jobs. All of those things combined make Midland the 27th Best City to Buy a House in America. It’s also a great city for retirees with excellent weather and plenty of amenities.

There are Many Remarkable Nature Areas Close to Midland

As dry and flat as it might be, Midland is relatively close to some fantastic areas of natural beauty. They include:

  • Monahans Sandhills State Park
  • Balmorhea State Park (Home of the world’s largest spring-fed swimming pool!)
  • Big Bend National Park
  • Guadalupe Mountains National Park
  • The I-20 Wildlife Preserve

Love Tex-Mex? Living in Midland Is For You

Similar to the rest of Texas, Tex-Mex cuisine is big in Midland! Barbecue is also huge around here, but you’ll find pretty much everything you enjoy. That includes Greek, authentic Italian, burgers, and much more. We wouldn’t call it a Foodie’s Paradise, but it’s pretty close!

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  1. I went for work, a thirteen week contract. I would return. My Late Wife and I enjoyed the petroleum museum.

  2. I live in Lafayette and I’ve been thinking about moving for more welding jobs do you think there is a big change from Lafayette to midland, if you’ve ever been to Lafayette. And would midland be a good place for welding jobs

  3. It would be a big change in mostly environment because it’s much dryer here than Lafayette, but it’s not a desert here either. Yes, Midland would be a great place to find a welding job. However when I went to Lafayette the people there were friendly and that is also true of most people in Midland.

  4. Hi I am young retired nurse, who lives in Tampa FL, single,not children neither animals. I’ve have my family in Houston, Pasadena and Austin, did you think midland will be good for me

  5. We love Midland, and we also recommend visiting a new city prior to moving to make sure you like it.

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