What’s It Like Living in Wilmington, NC?

The good, the bad and the excellent parts of living in Wilmington, North Carolina

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When moving to a new city, most folks like to research what that city has to offer. Is it safe, with great weather and good schools? Is there a wide assortment of excellent amenities that residents can enjoy? What about the cost of living and healthcare?

The good news is that here at SecurCare Self Storage, we put together this info-filled article to help! It’s stuffed with information, tips, data, and a sprinkle of advice, too. That way, when you need to make some big decisions, you can make them with knowledge about Wilmington. (Knowledge is power!) So if finding out what it’s like living in Wilmington, NC, is your goal, read on! We’ve got the goods on this great American city right here!

Overall, Living in Wilmington, NC is Great

The way we see it, anything above a B is an excellent grade. Wilmington, we’re very proud to say, gets an A-, which is impressive. We’re above a B+ on almost everything! Take a look at our scores, and you’ll see we get excellent grades!

  • Public Schools. A-
  • Housing. B-
  • Good for Families. B+
  • Jobs. B-
  • Cost of Living. C+
  • Outdoor activities. A-
  • Crime & Safety. C
  • Nightlife. A
  • Diversity. A-
  • Weather. B+
  • Health and fitness. B+
  • Commuting time. A-
Living in Wilmington

Outdoor Adventures Await in Wilmington, NC

The adage about a place having “something for everyone” is a bit cliché but, in Wilmington, it fits. From live music to southern culture, beaches, the ocean, and more, boredom is not something you often find in Wilmington. We have a thriving performance art scene here and several unique museums. The North Carolina Azalea Festival is one of the best in the world, also. Even a walk along the pedestrian-friendly banks at Riverwalk is a lot of fun! Make a point of visiting the battleship North Carolina from World War II, also (it’s haunting). Then there’s Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park which offers all sorts of incredible adventures for the little ones. And did we mention our spectacular beaches and coastline? Because those alone would make living in Wilmington, NC, worth it!

Living in Wilmington Means Affordability

Unlike, say, San Diego, CA, Wilmington, NC has a much better cost of living. We rank 97.5/100, about three points less than the national average. Groceries, housing, utilities, transportation, and miscellaneous costs are lower than the national average. Housing is precisely the same as the national average, which isn’t great but isn’t all that bad either. The median home cost in Wilmington is $230,500, while the national average is $231,200. In other words, almost the same. Below are the numbers for all of the significant cost indexes:

  • Overall. 97.5/100
  • Groceries. 99.9/100
  • Healthcare. 122/100
  • Housing. 99.7/100
  • Utilities. 97.2/100
  • Transportation. 80/100
  • Miscellaneous costs. 98/100
Living in Wilmington

Get an Excellent Education in Wilmington, NC

One great piece of news is that your children will get an excellent education in Wilmington. That’s because public schools here get a grade of A-, which is awesome. The city spends more on average per child than most others of the same size. Also, the ratio of teachers to students is higher, so kids have better access and get better grades. If living in Wilmington, NC, with a young family is what’s up, they’ll get a great head-start here!

In Wilmington, You Need to Be Safety Aware

Wilmington is a lovely city; there’s no doubt about that. However, we do have a slight problem with crime, especially property crime. At 60.8/100, we are almost double the national average. That’s not good, and it means you need to be extra careful with your belongings here. It’s for that reason that many people rent a storage unit in Wilmington, NC. That way, they know their things will be safe. By the way, violent crime in Wilmington is right about the national average. That’s 22.7/100, which is good.

The Weather Living in Wilmington is Great!

It gets into the high 60s in March, and from then until November, nary a freezing day. Snowy days? We have zero of those here in Wilmington (although there is great snow skiing a few hours away). Wilmington does get its fair share of rain, though, about 120 days a year, so bring an umbrella or two! In summer, you’ll find that, like many east coast cities, June, July, and August are the hottest. For perfect Wilmington weather, the best months are April, May, and October. What’s it like living in Wilmington, NC? For most of the year, quite pleasant.

Living in Wilmington

Nightlife in Wilmington is Exciting and Fun

There are theaters, outdoor venues, and plenty of pubs here too. Music festivals? It seems like there is a music festival going on every weekend here in Wilmington! As for nightlife, we have some of the best cocktail lounges on the East Coast and plenty of rooftop bars. Our rollicking riverfront and boardwalk are also where many go to meet, greet and eat. In short, the nightlife in Wilmington is off the chain! If live music and great bars are your things, living in Wilmington, NC, will be a lot of fun!

So what do you think of Wilmington, NC now? Has your opinion of the city changed for the better or, the worse? We hope for the better because Wilmington is truly a wonderful, diverse and livable city. We’re SecurCare, and we hope this article was very helpful. We’re the self-storage experts around here, with Wilmington storage units around the city. They are safe, clean, and affordable, ready to store practically anything. If you have questions, you can chat with a friendly manager online anytime. Until then, we wish you a lot of joy and happiness in your new Wilmington home!

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