What is Odessa, TX Famous For?

Odessa, Texas, is famous for many things. That includes oil rigs, cowboys, and high school football. It’s also one of the most affordable cities in Texas, with an incredibly low unemployment rate. And talk about sunny weather! Rain falls less than 40 days of the year here! As for snow, let’s say it would shock people to see it in Odessa! Of course, it does get hot here, but it’s also very dry. That makes living here much more comfortable. (Utility costs are below the national average too, which helps a lot when paying utility bills!) In this article, we’ll tell you a little bit about why we love this city, and how to rent a storage unit in Odessa.

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Odessa is A Center of Oilfield Technology

Odessa was once a tiny, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it water stop for cattlemen. We were also a shipping point for cattle on one of America’s first railroads. Once they found oil in Texas, however, Odessa grew fast and furiously. Being the closest city reachable by rail, the town became a support hub for the booming oil industry. It didn’t hurt that Odessa, TX is famous for being the largest single source in the U.S. for oil and gas, the Permian Basin.

Things Are Bigger in Texas

Ever heard the saying, “things are bigger in Texas”? Nowhere is that more true than in Odessa. We have the aforementioned biggest oil and gas reserves, of course. Ranches, malls, and football stadiums are big here also, and so is the Odessa Meteor Crater! And while it might not be the biggest, the University of Texas is still one of the United States’ largest schools.

Renting a Storage Unit in Odessa

One of the drawbacks of having a ‘big’ mentality is that things get carried away sometimes. For example, many families here have so much stuff that it’s crowding them out of their homes. Many business owners have so many files their offices are bursting at the seams. And many companies have so much equipment that they struggle to find a place to store it all.

That’s why so many rent storage units in Odessa, TX. That way, they can securely store their extra stuff where it will be safe and sound—many rent climate-controlled storage units in Odessa to protect their valuables from the heat. Business owners rent storage units in Odessa so they can store the necessary paperwork. Many companies in the oil industry also keep their equipment in storage units.

Odessa Keeps America Moving

We’re proud of the fact that Odessa plays a significant role in America’s economy and culture. Then there’s our talented and diverse workforce along with our world-class recreational amenities. Add all this up, and we think Odessa, TX should be famous for being one of the best places to live. We sure hope you agree, and we welcome you to our fine town!

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