Living in Atlanta: 3 Little-Known Facts

Thousands of Americans have their sights set on Atlanta, Georgia, or their next move. In addition to an influx of population, the job economy is strong, especially compared to the rest of the country during COVID-19. If you’re moving to Atlanta, you probably already know about the culture, music, and food. But what else is there to know about this lively city? We’ve gathered three little-known (but in our opinion, must-know) facts about living in Atlanta. 

1. Living in Atlanta: Clean Energy

Atlanta plans to run on 100% green energy by 2035. The entire city plans to update, o it relies solely on renewable sources. The move will bring about myriad benefits. These benefits include cost savings on energy and a healthier atmosphere. City council member Kwanza Hall noted it will be excellent for the Atlanta job scene as well.

Atlanta will start executing its plan by looking at how to increase energy efficiency. For example, the government will help older houses get up-to-date insulation. Modern insulation will decrease the energy needed to warm up homes and buildings. This change alone will reduce energy consumption by almost 30 percent in the city.

Living in Atlanta: 3 Little-Known Facts

2. The Weather Can Be Intense in Atlanta

Living in Atlanta generally means a mild climate. It has all four seasons. It’s usually hot and sunny in the summer, and you can enjoy a mild winter. However, the weather can become dangerous at times. Residents need to watch out for these instances. Snowstorms and hurricanes are common occurrences for Atlanta residents. For example, Hurricane Irma had a significant impact on Atlanta and the surrounding region. Strong winds led to dozens of school closures across the area for a few days.

It would be best if you prepared for events like these by following government recommendations. You can also prepare for heavy snow by having snow removal equipment and salt. Consider having a space to store outdoor items, like patio furniture, during storms.

3. Living in Atlanta Means Higher Education

Atlanta isn’t just a great place to live; it’s also a great place to learn. Atlanta is a national leader in attracting college-educated 25-34-year-olds, according to the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. In Atlanta, 39.9 percent of adults hold at least a bachelor’s degree5, and in metro Atlanta, that figure is 33 percent.

The region is the proud home to Emory University, the Georgia Institute of Technology, Georgia State University, and the list. According to College Simply, there are a total of 53 colleges within a 50-mile radius of Atlanta. If you’re looking for an educated crowd, Atlanta is the place to go!

Living in Atlanta: 3 Little-Known Facts

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Originally published on November 17, 2017. Updated Nov 18, 2021.