The Cost of Living in Lubbock, Texas

If you’re planning to move to Lubbock, Texas, good for you! Lubbock is one of the best cities in the entire state. It is safe, clean, diverse, and offers exciting nightlife. All together, Lubbock, TX, is inviting and friendly. Are you wondering about outdoor opportunities to have fun and adventure? Luckily, Lubbock has plenty of them, including beautiful Buffalo Springs Lake! We’ve also got the only international airport around, Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport. All great news, but what about the cost of living in Lubbock, Texas? Of course, most American families today are all about saving money. If you’re wondering about costs, we’ve got helpful information about the cost of living in Lubbock, Texas, below.

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Cost Index Tip: The cost indices we’ll be using below are based on the national average of 100. So, if an index is 80/100, it’s 20% lower than the national average, and if it’s 120/100, it’s 20% higher. Easy peasy!

Overall, the Cost of Living in Lubbock, Texas, is Affordable. 80/100

The good news about living in Lubbock is that it’s an affordable Texas city. With a cost index of 80/100, you’ll save 20% compared to the average American family. That’s a decent saving that, we think you’ll agree, most people would appreciate. Now, truth be told, much of that savings comes from the fact that housing costs in Lubbock are affordable. (More on that next.) However, Lubbock only has one cost index above the national average, so that’s a big plus.

The Cost of Housing in Lubbock, Texas, is Very Affordable. 58/100.

In terms of living costs, Lubbock, TX, really shines regarding housing prices. With a 58/100, we’re over 40% lower than the national average. Our median home cost is $168,100, nearly half of the US average of $291,700! That, frankly, is one of the big reasons people move to Lubbock because housing here is so affordable. It’s also cheaper to rent in our city, but the savings are moderate. (The cost to rent an apartment is high practically everywhere you go these days in the United States, unfortunately.) 

To save even more money, many folks here rent a Lubbock, Texas storage unit from SecurCare. Some do it to rent a smaller apartment and save money for their new home. Others because, frankly, no matter how big your house is, we all tend to outgrow them eventually.

cost of living in Lubbock Texas

Transportation Costs in Lubbock are Reasonable. 73/100

One of the highest costs besides housing in most American cities is transportation. That’s especially true in bigger cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. In Lubbock, Texas, however, our transportation costs are pretty reasonable. Our transportation cost index is 73/100, which means you’ll save 25% on gasoline, car repairs, maintenance, tolls, fees, etc. If you commute to work every day, that’s a substantial saving that will positively impact your budget.

In Lubbock, Groceries are Less Expensive. 92/100

Big or small, every family has to eat. In Lubbock, TX, the good news is that you’ll pay 6% less than for your grocery items. While that might not seem like a considerable amount, it does add up with time. For example, the average family spends approximately $400.00 per month on groceries. So a 6% savings would equal $24.00 a month, nearly $300.00 a year, or almost a month’s worth of food!

The Cost of Utilities in Lubbock, Texas, is Reasonable. 94/100

You’ll be happy to know that Lubbock’s utility prices are 6% less than the national average. You’ll be even happier to see that we have a comfort index of 7.9/10, which is close to perfect. In other words, you’ll not only save 6%; you’ll use less energy overall on utilities. (Less extreme temperatures means less need for heating and air conditioning, which increases utility bills the most.)

cost of living in Lubbock Texas

Miscellaneous Expenses in Lubbock are Slightly Less Expensive. 96/100

Getting a haircut, manicure, or new clothes is slightly less expensive in Lubbock, Texas. While 4% might not seem like much, it does add up. (Every little bit helps when sticking to a monthly budget.) If you spend, for example, $300.00 a month on miscellaneous stuff, you’ll save almost $150,00 a year in Lubbock. That’s enough for a nice outfit, some shoes or a new jacket.

Healthcare Costs Slightly More in Lubbock, Texas. 105/100

Healthcare will cost you 5% more in our city, the only cost above the national average in Lubbock. While that isn’t great news, it’s not disastrous either. You’ll only pay 5% more than the national average for prescriptions, doctor visits, and dental exams. Of course, if you have chronic health issues, paying 5% more might be problematic. However, Lubbock’s healthcare costs are still affordable for people in generally good health.

cost of living in Lubbock Texas

Lubbock, Texas is an Affordable American City

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, but our living costs are definitely smaller in Lubbock. Thanks to our very low housing and low transportation costs, living in Lubbock is affordable. 

At SecurCare, we help keep costs low with our affordable, clean, and secure Lubbock, TX storage units. Many new arrivals rent storage units in Lubbock from us when they arrive. That way, they can search for their new Lubbock home or apartment with more time and less stress.

Have questions about how to rent a storage unit in Lubbock, TX? If yes, please feel free to chat with us online at any time. You can also reserve a Lubbock storage unit online in about 10 minutes. (It’s almost effortless!) You can also visit the SecurCare Self Storage facility closest to your new home. The on-site manager can guide you and get the rental process started. (They’re friendly and knowledgeable.) Until that time, we wish you a stress-free move to our charming, affordable Texas city!

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