How to Get Free Boxes: 4 Places to Check

Moving, storing or reorganizing? You’ll be surprised by the number of boxes you need—especially if you’re moving. Cut costs! Learn how to get free boxes from 4 sources:

How to Get Free Boxes

1. Grocery and Liquor Stores

Your local grocery and liquor stores are the perfect place to find medium boxes that are useful for décor items, clothing and books. Produce boxes or the box from a case of wine are perfect packing pieces. Simply ask the manager if their store has any extra boxes—they’re often happy to donate to your cause!

2. Neighbors and Friends

Neighbors or friends with online shopping habits are both great groups to ask for boxes. You can also post on a community site like Nextdoor. Take what you can get and don’t discriminate on size! For example, small shoe boxes work wonders for packing knickknacks.

3. Large Retailers

If you’re searching for larger boxes, give your local retailers and department stores a call. Their shipments often come in bigger boxes. Large boxes are ideal for packing kitchen items, bedding and linens.

Pro Tip: Ask stores if they have any TV boxes (these are hard to find).

4. Offices

Your office or an office building near you will likely have leftover office supply boxes that they don’t need. Offer to pick the boxes up to save them the hassle of discarding them. Printer paper boxes are prized packing pieces—their handles make for easy carrying.

Pro Tip: Before stopping by any of these recommended places, make sure to give them a call. Find out when they receive shipments and ask to schedule a time for pick-up.

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