How to Store a Flat Screen TV (without damaging it)

Flat-screen TVs are light, thin and portray the perfect picture. We’ve come a long way since antennas and blocky-shaped sets. Flat screens may be easy to move, but they’re just as delicate as they are entertaining. Whether you’re stowing it away for a renovation or a temporary move, here’s how to store a flat-screen TV without damaging that sensitive screen.

Dust and protect it.

One of the biggest causes of damage to flat-screen TVs—and most electronics—is dust. It can get in the air vents and do serious damage to the inner workings. Use a compressed air duster to clear out as much of it as you can. Finally, use a microfiber cloth to thoroughly clean the screen. Cover the TV immediately with plastic wrap to keep it free of dust and scratches.

Find perfectly-fit packaging.

Saving and reusing your flat screen’s original box is the best way to store your television safely. Its plastic foam packing inserts add bonus protection for the corners and screen. If you don’t have it anymore, call stores and ask if they have one in the back from their floor displays. If they don’t have one or won’t give it to you, buy one there or online.

Store it properly.

  • Position: Flat-screen televisions should be stored upright, never on their back or side. Make sure you mark which way is up on the outside of the box.
  • Placement: Avoid stacking anything on top of your TV, as it could put pressure on the screen and cause serious damage. Barricade it between 2 taller items as a reminder to keep heavy items away from the box.
  • Temperature: Extreme temperatures can harm your TV. Keep it in a climate-controlled area or storage unit.

More moving and packing tips: