The Cost of Living in Pueblo, Colorado

Are you moving to Pueblo, CO, sometime soon? If so, it’s a good bet you want to know about the cost of living here. Is Pueblo affordable? Are the housing prices reasonable? What about utilities and transportation costs? For the answer to these questions and several more, read on! SecurCare Self Storage has everything you need to know about the cost of living in Pueblo, Colorado!

You can describe Pueblo, Colorado in three words: unique, quirky, and attractive. With inviting weather, beautiful green spaces, and exciting nightlife, Pueblo has so much to enjoy. Not to mention that there is clean air, high diversity, and low commute times.

NOTE: This cost of living information uses the national average of 100. So, for example, a cost index of 80/100 would be 20% lower than the national average. A cost index of 120/100 would thus be 20% higher than the national average. All set? Great! Let’s get started!

The Overall Cost of Living in Pueblo, CO

Genuinely Affordable 85/100

We start today’s information about Pueblo’s cost of living with some very good news indeed. The overall cost of living in Pueblo, 85/100, is genuinely affordable. Not only are we 15% lower than the national average, but we’re also 36% lower than the Colorado average! (It’s a rather high 121/100.) It’s long been known that Pueblo is more affordable than many Colorado cities, and our cost index proves it. Fact is, only one cost index in Pueblo, CO, is above the national average, utility costs. (More on that below.) For American families trying to stick to a budget, Pueblo, Colorado, is a great choice.

cost of living in pueblo colorado

Housing Costs in Pueblo

Surprisingly Low 73/100

One of the main reasons Pueblo’s cost of living is so affordable is because of the low cost of housing. With a housing cost index of 73/100, we’re almost 30% lower than the national average! That means 30% more house for your money and 30% less to pay every month for your mortgage. With home costs always on the rise, Pueblo is the perfect escape from the expensive housing market.

In Pueblo, the median home cost is $250,000. Compare that to Denver’s median house cost of $534,000, and you immediately see the advantage of living here. (We’re less than half the cost!) Pueblo also has some of the lowest rents in the U.S.! You can find a 2-bedroom apartment for under $1000. That would be impossible in many other American cities. In other words, no matter your family situation, you’ll save big on your housing costs in Pueblo, CO!

Grocery Costs in Pueblo, Colorado

More Affordable 94/100

Single, married with children, or retired, everyone needs to eat. In Pueblo, Colorado, you’ll save about 6% on your grocery bills. That may not seem like a lot of money, but it does add up on an annual basis. Consider this; the average American family spends about $450 a month on groceries. A savings of 6% on $450 would be $27, or $324 per year. That’s almost a month of groceries for free!

cost of living in pueblo colorado

The Cost of Healthcare

More Affordable 91/100

Taking care of your health is important for all Americans, no doubt. In Pueblo, Colorado, the good news is that you’ll save almost 10% on healthcare. That’s because our healthcare cost index is a reasonable 91 / 100. We think you’ll agree that spending 9% less on checkups, dental care, and emergency room visits is great. Nine percent can make a major difference for retirees and families. That’s especially true for folks on a fixed budget or with chronic health problems. Even better, the mild, dry weather in Pueblo is perfect for those with health issues.

Pueblo Utility Costs

Slightly More Expensive 106/100

Utility costs are the only cost index higher than the national average in Pueblo, CO. With a utility cost index of 106/100, you’ll pay 6% more for utilities than the average American household. That’s not too extreme. Plus, the great weather in Pueblo means you will hardly need your AC or heating. Although utility costs are above average, the cost of living in Pueblo, Colorado is still very affordable! So, don’t worry too much about the utilities.

Transportation Costs in Pueblo, Colorado

Surprisingly Affordable 85/100

Compared to Denver’s transportation costs of 116/100, our 85/100 in Pueblo is surprisingly affordable. You’ll save 15% on gasoline, highway taxes, car repairs, maintenance, etc. If you commute every day, a 15% savings can make a huge dent in your monthly budget. Plus, our commute time is only 19 minutes one way, much shorter than many comparable cities. It means you’ll spend less time staring out your windshield and less money on gas too!

cost of living in pueblo colorado

The Price of Miscellaneous Purchases

Affordable 87/100

Almost everyone has monthly miscellaneous expenses like grooming, clothes, electronics, and entertainment. In Pueblo, though, those various costs will be 13% cheaper. That means one of two things; more money for savings or spoiling yourself and your family. We think you’ll agree; either one is good news! (Our suggestion is to spend a little more and save a little more. Rainy days and all that.)

cost of living in pueblo colorado

Affordable Cost of Living in Pueblo, Colorado

There’s no denying that Pueblo, Colorado, is an affordable American city. As we mentioned, only one of our cost indices is above the national average. However, several are far below it, including housing, transportation, and healthcare.

If you’re moving here soon, we recommend reserving a storage unit in Pueblo, CO, before you arrive. One reason is to ensure one of our clean, safe, Pueblo storage units is ready when you get here. Another is that once your household goods are safely stored, you can start your Pueblo home search immediately. (And take your time doing it!)

Chat with us online if you have questions about self-storage in Pueblo, Colorado. Even better, visit the SecurCare Self Storage location in Pueblo and meet the onsite manager. Self-storage experts, our managers can answer your questions and advise you which size storage unit is best for your needs.

From everyone here at SecurCare, we wish you a safe, successful move to our lovely, lively city. We’re sure that, once you arrive, you’ll immediately understand what makes Pueblo one of Colorado’s best cities to call home!

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  1. Rent is cheaper? If you can find a place to rent! Utility’s, we run or air all summer. It reaches over 95-100* several weeks out of the summer. I have already turned my air conditioner on. Heat is on all winter and I keep mine set at 65* with a few weeks at -0
    So we’re not prefect but Pueblo is a very nice place to live. Easy to get around, People are friendly.

  2. No city is perfect, but Pueblo is pretty close! Friendly people are what make a city great!

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