Best Things to Do in Wilmington, NC

Wilmington, NC is a top East Coast destination, with a wide variety of things to see, do and enjoy. If you’re moving to this lovely town, you’ll be impressed by everything it offers. World-class museums, for instance, along with gorgeous gardens, beautiful beaches, historical attractions, and so much more. If you’re wondering where to start, SecurCare has you covered! We’ve put together a list of the fun, exciting, and romantic things to do in Wilmington, NC, just for you! It’s a long list because Wilmington, NC, offers so much. If discovering everything about this charming coastal town is your goal today, read on!

Romantic Things to Do in Wilmington, NC

Airlie Gardens

Established in 1901, Airlie Gardens is a gorgeous public garden. The garden is well known for its incredible collection of azaleas and camellias. Indeed, it boasts over 100,000 azaleas, an impressive sight! Tranquil walking trails take you along the shores of more than 10-acres of freshwater lakes in the Gardens.  Airlie Gardens would undoubtedly be a fabulous place for a first date, as its beauty is enchanting. It’s also a fantastic attraction for families and features continuous, year-round blooms!

things to do in Wilmington NC

Refreshing Things to Do in Wilmington, NC


One of the most popular attractions in Wilmington, NC, is the Riverwalk. It’s 1.7 miles of beautiful boardwalk on the Cape Fear River that stretches through historic downtown Wilmington. It’s also a fantastic way to see Wilmington, with stunning views and attractions along the way.  They include, for example, the historic USS North Carolina, the Murchison Building, and the Cotton Exchange.  There are also a wide variety of excellent shops and restaurants and, on the weekends, Wilmington’s fabulous Farmer’s Market. Eventually, Riverwalk will connect the Isabel Holmes Bridge to the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. Until then, we highly recommend it for families, couples, and first dates!

Exciting Things to Do in Wilmington, NC

USS North Carolina Battleship

An American icon, the USS North Carolina, saw battle Fierce battle during World War II. In fact, it took part in nearly every major battle in the Pacific Ocean. It won more battle stars than any other battleship until it was decommissioned in 1947. The battleship arrived in Wilmington in 1961 and, after an impressive revamp, became a National Historic Landmark in 1986. One fascinating bit of history is the USS North Carolina was so fast and powerful it was nicknamed “Showboat.” (That’s not bad for a ship launched in 1940!)

things to do in Wilmington NC

Engaging Things to Do in Wilmington, NC

Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden

Have you ever heard of Stanley Rehder, the so-called “Flytrap Man”?  If not, after one visit to the Stanley Rehder Carnivorous Plant Garden, you certainly will! It’s one of the most unique attractions in Wilmington, NC! Mr. Rehder was well known for his tireless work to protect carnivorous plants. Amazingly, all of the carnivorous plants in the garden grow within 70 miles of Wilmington, NC! You can see them up close and get an idea of what these remarkable plants can do! (Just don’t get too close!)

Exciting and Adventurous Things to Do in Wilmington, NC

Masonboro Island Reserve

If you or a friend has a boat, Masonboro Island Reserve is a must-see! The reason you need the boat? It’s the only way you can get there! That’s because Masonboro Island Reserve is a 9-mile barrier island off the Wilmington coast! The beaches are clean and pristine, so much so that loggerhead and green sea turtles nest here annually. There’s also a network of beautiful walking trails to help you quickly get around the entire island. (We recommend, however, that you take your time and enjoy the beauty of it all.)

Amazingly, Masonboro Island Reserve is the largest undisturbed barrier island on the entire coast. Even better, it’s the home of a variety of different and fascinating ecosystems. You’ll see everything from tidal flats to rolling grasslands, salt marshes, and even a maritime forest! It’s an amazing place and highly recommended. By the way, you can get a permit to camp on Masonboro Island Reserve for 2 days! It’s one of the most exciting and adventurous things you can do in Wilmington, NC!

Playful Things to Do in Wilmington, NC

Children’s Museum of Wilmington

The Children’s Museum of Wilmington should definitely be on your “must visit” list if you have kids at home! The museum celebrates everything about childhood and does it with childlike glee! It’s located in the historic section of downtown Wilmington, NC, which is good for parents. However, the kids are the focus here, with various remarkable hands-on displays! We recommend the Ports of Call exhibit that explains everything about Wilmington’s impressive, massive ports. One thing is certain: your kid’s curiosity will get a big, fun boost here!

things to do in Wilmington NC

Historical Things to Do in Wilmington, NC v

Wilmington’s Historic District

The last attraction on our list today is one that history buffs will undoubtedly appreciate. Wilmington, North Carolina’s Historic District, starts at Water and Market Streets. It then continues for 230 blocks, making it one of the most significant historic districts in the country! You’ll find a variety of historic buildings here, including churches, museums, and gorgeous homes.  You can also catch a ride on a horse-drawn carriage through this magnificently moss-draped district. (It’s one of the most romantic things to do in Wilmington, NC!) The Riverwalk we mentioned earlier goes right through the historic district, also. That’s likely why it’s one of the most popular things to do in Wilmington!

things to do in Wilmington NC

Wilmington, NC, has So Many Things to Do and Enjoy!

If we’re being honest, the list above only scratched the surface of exciting things to do in Wilmington, NC! Once you live here, you’ll have the time to go out and discover them all! You’ll also discover that SecurCare Self Storage has safe, clean, and secure storage units in Wilmington, NC. In fact, we have 8 different Wilmington, North Carolina self-storage locations to serve the area well.

Many newcomers rent a Wilmington, North Carolina storage unit when they arrive. A lot of them actually reserve a Wilmington, NC, storage unit online before they leave their old home. (It’s easy and fast!) That way, they can store their thinks as soon as their moving truck arrives. With everything safe, they have a lot more time to find a new Wilmington, NC, place to call home.

If you have questions about renting a self-storage unit in Wilmington, NC, we encourage you to chat with us online. Even better, you can drop by one of our 8 self-storage locations in the Wilmington metro area. All of them have on-site managers who are self-storage experts. They can help you with all your questions, including which Wilmington, NC storage unit is best for your needs. Until then, go out and have a fantastic time exploring everything Wilmington, NC, has to offer!

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