What Can You NOT Store in a Storage Unit?

We all know that self storage units are a great way to hold on to the things that you want to keep but don’t quite have room for in your house. A storage unit can hold a lot, but there are a few things you should never leave there for a variety of reasons. In the interest of keeping your belongings in the best possible condition, here’s a list of what you should NOT store in a storage unit.

Can you store perishables in a storage unit?

No. You should not store perishable food for a couple of reasons. First of all, it will spoil – hence the term perishable – but food also attracts rodents and creepy crawlies that have the ability to do a lot of harm in your storage unit.

Can you store flammable items in a storage unit?

Don’t keep anything that could easily catch on fire, for somewhat obvious reasons. In addition, you should avoid keeping fireworks or explosives in your storage unit.

Can you store ammo in a storage unit?

In most cases, no. You probably shouldn’t store ammunition in a storage unit. Ammunition is flammable and explosive, and you can’t store flammables in a storage unit. Plus, ammunition is also dangerous and could harm someone if anything accidentally exploded or went off.

Can you store guns in a storage unit?

As far as guns, you can store them in some storage facilities, but you’ll need to check first to make sure. For example, you can store unloaded pistols, rifles, and other guns, but weapons like grenades can not be stored. (They’re flammable and can explode.) Our suggestion; chat with your local SecurCare Self storage specialist or visit one at the location nearest you.

What Can You NOT Store in a Storage Unit?

What Other Items Can You Not Store in a Unit?

Below is a list of the many things you can’t store in a storage unit. Some make sense, others might leave you slightly confused, but you must store them all in another location. They include:

  • Live Plants. Live plants won’t survive long in a storage unit as there’s no sunshine or water for them. Also, many pants have bugs that can migrate to your things when in storage.
  • Any type of Animal. You should never store living animals in a storage unit under any circumstances.
  • Used tires. Disposing of used tires can be problematic and expensive.
  • Gasoline and other flammable items. Never, ever store gasoline and flammable items like kerosene, propane, and more in a unit, please. The fire risk is simply too high.
  • People. While SecurCare is compassionate to the plight of the homeless, it’s illegal for someone to live in a storage unit. (It’s also dangerous.)
  • Anything wet. This last item includes anything that, for whatever reason, is soaking wet with water. Leaving it in storage while wet can cause mold and mildew to spiral out of control. 
  • Stolen goods and illegal drugs. These two items speak for themselves.

There you have it, a (mostly complete) list of the items you can’t store in your storage unit. If you have questions about an item, we’re here to help! Contact us using our website or stop by your local SecurCare Storage facility today!

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This post was originally published on 6/23/2014. It was updated on 2/22/2022.