What are Self Storage Facilities and How Do You Pick One?

You have looked around your home and decided that you have too much stuff. But, you just can’t bear to part with most of it. Instead of either letting it take up space in your basement or tossing it out altogether, you’ve decided to check out a storage unit. But, how do you decide which storage facility is right for you? Here’s a quick how guide for picking the best self-storage facility:


First and foremost, you need to find a storage facility that is close to where you live or work. If you end up selecting one that’s too out of the way, you’ll run into a couple of problems. First, going to your unit will become a bigger hassle than it needs to be, which will be inconvenient for you. Plus, even if you find a bargain, you may end up making up the difference in gas costs, especially if you have to make frequent trips.


When you put your belongings in your self-storage unit in a facility, you expect them to be as secure as they would be in your own house. So, when you’re casing out potential storage facilities, look for ones that have fences to keep unwanted guests out. Many have electronic gates that require a code or security card to access the facility. This layered protection ensures no one can get to your storage unit except you. Other features to look for include video monitoring cameras, door alarms and onsite managers who keep an eye on the building.


What do you need to store in your unit? If you are just storing a few boxes of clothes or other non-delicate items, you don’t have to be terribly picky about what kind of storage unit you use. However, if you’re storing electronics, photographs, wood furniture or anything that can be damaged by swings in temperature, be sure you find a storage facility that offers climate-controlled self-storage units. For the storage of cars, boats or other vehicles, you’ll have to look for storage facilities that offer units specifically for these kinds of items.


Some self-storage facilities offer amenities like an on-site moving supply store, online payment options or tenant insurance. While they’re not all strictly necessary, you’ll be glad to have a full-service facility. Check out your local SecurCare Self Storage facility today!