How to Store Leather: A Complete Guide to Storage for Anything Leather

Whether it’s a leather jacket from your Fonzie lookalike days or a leather couch you don’t have room for, it’s likely you have some leather goods in your storage unit and you need tips on how to store them. Are you doing everything you can to make sure it’s going to be in the best possible condition when you pull it again in a few weeks or months?

How to Store Leather:

Here are a few tips to make sure your leather goods are taken care of while in storage:

Clean it first

As with most things, you should always be sure to clean your leather thoroughly before you store it in a storage unit. The small residue that may seem insignificant has the potential to permanently stain the material. Start with a microfiber cloth to get the dust off. Then, you have a couple of options to clean it. If you have it on hand, saddle soap is a great way to get your leather clean and shiny. If not, you can always just use a damp cloth with moisturizing soap. Buff the soap out instead of rinsing to encourage a nice shine. As with anything you put in storage, make sure it’s completely dry before moving your leather goods into your storage unit.


Just like you use lotion on your skin to keep it soft, conditioning your leather before you store it will ensure it remains supple. You can buy conditioner to use on the material at most home goods stores. Apply it according to the instructions – usually, you should leave it on the leather for about 12 hours before buffing it off.

Climate control

One of the most important steps toward keeping your leather in good condition when you store it is choosing a temperature-controlled self-storage unit. Wide swings in temperature can make your leather crack. Worse, it can grow mold, so keeping this stable is an important step to take. Leather also should never be left in direct sunlight, as that will dry it out in a hurry. If you have leather furniture, cover it with a sheet instead of plastic. You want it to breathe but will still be protected from dust and getting dinged up while in storage. Do not put anything on top of your couch while in storage, as this can stretch and damage the material. Whatever you need to store, check out your local SecurCare Self Storage facility today!