Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Storage Units?

Renters insurance is typically required for renting an apartment or home—and for good reason. You want your humble abode—and the belongings inside of it—to be covered. If you find you need to store some excess items, you’re probably wondering, does renter’s insurance cover storage units?

So, Does Renter’s Insurance Cover Your Unit?

The answer? Most renter’s insurance policies cover your belongings in a self-storage unit, up to a certain amount. If your renter’s insurance covers belongings stored away from your home, such as in a storage unit, companies will often cover a portion of the value. Most policies will cover up to 10% of your total personal property amount. If you have $30,000 of personal property covered by your renter’s insurance policy, coverage outside of your residence would total $3,000.

Does Renters Insurance Cover Storage Units?

However, there are instances in which your property is not. Some of these include:

  • Flooding
  • Fire
  • Pest damage

Most storage companies offer renter’s insurance while you store your belongings with them. Some even require it. An additional insurance policy may be a smart option if the value of your items is more than your renter’s policy covers, or if the policy is too limiting.

Renter’s Insurance Through SecurCare

At SecurCare Self Storage, our customers trust our facility to be clean, safe, well-lit, and secure. In protecting your belongings, we don’t leave anything to chance and neither should you. Self-storage insurance provides an additional layer of protection for your stored belongings, whether you go through your own insurance or choose to purchase our convenient program. It’s really important to make sure all of your items are under the protection of insurance. It may seem like a nuisance now, but you will be glad you have it if the time ever comes.

does renter's insurance cover storage units

Am I Covered With My Renter’s Insurance?

It is possible that you may be covered under an existing insurance policy. Please check with your local agent that you are protected – many homeowners insurance policies do not cover off-site storage.

How Is Renter’s Insurance Through SecurCare?

Not covered? We offer convenient, low-cost Stored Property Insurance. Policies start at just 29¢ a day or $9 a month*. We make payments convenient by combining them with your monthly unit payment. Ask a store manager for details when signing your rental agreement.

In the end, it’s in your best interest to have insurance to cover your belongings—whether it’s through your renter’s insurance policy or a self-storage-specific policy. We want the best for you and your stuff. Make sure to check on all of this first thing when you are storing!

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