How Much Does a Fence Cost? Your Budget Breakdown

A fence can add charm, privacy and functionality to your yard. This can be a hefty project depending on the scope and your design goals. How much does a fence cost? Let your guard—er’ fence—down about this outdoor project. See if a fence is in your future with our budget breakdown:

How Much Does a Fence Cost? Quick Facts

The average cost to install a fence (materials and labor) is $2,778.


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To begin your budget, determine how much fencing you’ll need. Fences are priced by linear foot. Choose where you want your fence and measure along your property lines (in feet).

Don’t want to leave the couch? Use Google Maps to measure your property lines.

Pro Tip: Avoid legal trouble! Check your deed and parcel map to ensure your fence is within your property lines.

Fence height also plays a role in overall cost. For example, privacy fences are more expensive because they’re taller than a classic picket fence.


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Fence material and special features both contribute to cost. For the most common materials, you’ll spend anywhere from $13 to $50 per linear footincluding professional installation.

Here is a breakdown of average costs for common materials:

  • Chain Link Fence: $800
  • Wood Fence: $1,800
  • Vinyl Fence: $2,600

Pro Tip: if applicable, check local building codes and HOA guidelines for height restrictions and other requirements.


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A complete fence installation includes the cost of materials and labor. The company or person you work with will combine the costs and give you a total estimate. However, you can source your materials and hire labor separately. Though it varies by market, labor costs $30 to $80 per hour on average. Jobs between 150 to 200 linear feet will take around 20 to 35 hours to complete.

Pro tip: Removal of an existing fence and/or landscaping is an additional labor cost.

Pro tip: Store materials or anything you don’t want exposed during your fence renovation project in a storage unit.

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