The Best Trees for Small Yards

Large oak trees aren’t suitable for all yards—but don’t give up on your landscaping dreams yet!

You can still add curb appeal with these options. Here are the best small trees for your front yard:

Best Trees for Small Yards

Before you plant a tree, make sure it will thrive in your climate. Though most nurseries won’t sell trees unsuitable for your area, you’ll still want to do your homework. Use this temperature map to help.


Crabapple tree in small front yard

If you love flowering trees in the spring and bright red foliage in the fall, then this tree is for you. Crabapple trees can grow anywhere from 8-25 feet tall and wide. In addition to being beautiful, this tree’s flowers and fruit will attract bees to your yard—a benefit for those with vegetable or fruit gardens.

Japanese Maple

Japanese maple tree in front yard

This tree is a fan favorite for fall, thanks to its deep burgundy leaves. Though there are many varieties to choose from, the Bloodgood is one of the best small trees for front yards. It’s slightly smaller than other Japanese maples. It also produces vibrant purple leaves and flowers. Depending on the type, Japanese maples grow between 12-25 feet tall and up to 25 feet wide.

Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle trees in small front yards

With over 50 varieties to choose from, the Crape Myrtle boasts beautiful, colorful flowers in red, pink, purple or white. This tree grows between 10-30 feet tall and 10-15 feet wide and comes as a single or multi-trunk tree.

Dwarf Evergreen Trees

Dwarf evergreen trees in small front yard

Dwarf evergreens are one of the best trees for small yards for many reasons—they stay small and green all year long. They also don’t require pruning and act as a privacy screen to your yard. Favorite varieties include blue wonder blue spruce, dwarf balsam fir, chalet Swiss stone pine and dwarf Japanese black pine.

Pro-Tip: Plant small trees in pots to add life to your yard without digging a hole. Boxwood, conifer, bay laurel and witch hazel are all great patio or porch trees that can be grown in containers.

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