Organize Your Shed to Fit Your Needs

Your lawn needs something different every season. Tending to those unique needs all year long is key to a beautiful outdoor space, noted 20Landscaping. If you have a shed, you likely keep all seasonal landscaping tools in the space. According to Better Homes and Gardens, keeping your garden shed neat and structured can save significant time and energy. While organized tools may be convenient, keeping the space in order can be difficult when storing so many items. It may be time to reevaluate what you currently have and what you should invest in. Follow these tips to keep your shed neat and readily stocked for any of your lawn’s seasonal needs:

Out with the Old and in with the New

When you first tackle an organizational project of this caliber, it is important to get rid of any inefficient or nonfunctional tools. If anything no longer works, take it in for maintenance if possible or throw it out and replace it.

Keep It Seasonal

To keep yourself organized all year long, consider rotating the tools in your garden shed each season. Keep the out-of-season tools at a local storage facility to give yourself a little more space and help with overall organization.

Hang It Up

Garden hoses can be quite a nuisance. While kids might enjoy spraying one another with them during the hot summer days, coiling them in the shed often translates to throwing the hose across the floor and attempting to cram it in a corner. Keep it organized by hanging large hooks that can hold a neatly coiled hose or invest in a garden hose spool. Likewise, you can hang tools in designated spots for easier access than an old tool box spilling over with 45 different-sized wrenches. Head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility to help keep your shed in order and for all your other storage needs.