How to Store Winter Clothes & Gear In the Summer

This past winter was a rough one, so there’s a good chance you acquired a new pair of boots or bought new heavy-duty winter coats for your family. Now that you no longer have to get bundled up to pick up the mail, you can put your new winter gear away until next fall. Here are a few tips on how to store your winter clothes properly in the summer.

How to Store Winter Clothes in the Summer

Consider a storage unit

The vast majority of winter gear tends to be fairly bulky and will take up valuable space in your closets. Whether it’s your family’s collection of winter boots or your skiing or snowboarding equipment, you may need to find a home outside your house. Check out a self storage facility near you – you can store your belongings safely and securely while freeing up your closet space for beach towels and sundresses.

Down coats

Everything that goes into a storage unit should be clean and dry before you put it away. Oils from your skin can stain fabrics, while any leftover moisture has the chance to cause mildew. Consider using a breathable cotton bag or clean cotton sheet to protect the winter clothes and coats from dust when you store them for the summer. Avoid vacuum packing them, as it can crush them down. Make sure you check all the pockets and zip everything up on wide hangers.


When storing winter clothes and sweaters long-term for the summer – or for any length of time, for that matter – folding is always preferable to hanging. The weight of the garments can allow them to stretch, which causes irreparable damage to the fabric. Avoid folding them in half, as you may end up with a line down the middle of your sweater in the fall that can be tricky to get out. Again, clean everything before storing it – following the manufacturer’s instructions – and make sure everything is completely dry before putting it into airtight plastic bins.


As with all garments, be sure to clean your boots before they go into a storage unit. You may want to wipe them down, let them dry, and then clean them with a shoe brush to get rid of any lingering salt. To help them keep their shape, use a shoe tree or tissue paper, and store them upright. Baking soda is useful for removing any lingering odors. If you are in need of storage solutions for your winter clothes during the summer, contact SecurCare Self Storage today!