Tips on How To Prepare Boats and RVs for Winter Storage

RV camping during the fall

If you own a boat or an RV, you know how fun and exciting they can be! Millions of Americans look forward to sharing time with family and friends out on the water or exploring the highways of the United States with their RVs. Of course, these adventures don’t last forever, and for most people, …

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National Storage Affiliates and the NYSE

New York Stock Exchange building on Christmas

This year, National Storage Affiliates is thrilled to participate in the New York Stock Exchange’s Global Giving Campaign that recognizes the charitable efforts of several companies, including ours! In 2022, NSA partnered with Feeding America in an effort to help put food on the table for our neighbors facing food insecurity. The NYSE’s 99th Annual …

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SecurCare and Feeding America Teaming up for Thanksgiving

No other holiday is as centered around food as Thanksgiving. Many people have visions of gravy smothered turkey, cranberries, sweet potato casserole, green beans, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie in mind for the November holiday. However, 34 million people face hunger in the United States, including more than 9 million children. Hunger touches every community in …

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Expert Advice: How to Store Video Games

Since their humble beginnings in the 1970s, video games have become a worldwide phenomenon. Millions of people play video games at home, bringing families and friends together for fun and good times. However, storing video games when you’re not playing them is a challenge. To help, we’ve got expert advice on how to store video …

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Hunger Action Month

Feeding America and NSA Brands believe that food shouldn’t be an impossible choice. Unfortunately, for many facing hunger, a meal may mean choosing between food and other critical needs. Friends and neighbors who have already been working to overcome the hardships brought on by the pandemic, now face a 10% price increase to buy groceries. …

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Interesting Things to Do in Guthrie, OK

Moving to Guthrie, OK? If yes, lucky you! There are many cool things to do, see, and restaurants to enjoy in Guthrie, OK! Kids enjoy living in Guthrie for all the fun stuff there is to do here, like Alpacas-N-More. Mom and dad love that Guthrie has different and decadent spots to relax and enjoy …

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Why a Messy Dorm Room is Bad For Your Brain

Ever tried cleaning up a messy dorm room and realize you’ve been growing a science experiment in an old cereal bowl? *Shudders* Well, if that experience happens often, it’s actually pretty bad for your health. We’ve all dealt with a messy dorm room or apartment at some point. However, if we let those messes go …

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RV Parks in Midland, TX to Visit This Summer


Known affectionately as “The Tall City,” Midland, Texas is a fascinating place indeed. It’s the gateway to the country’s Big bend region and close to remarkable nature preserves. In short, it offers all sorts of adventures to travelers who decide to stop by. Many of them, not surprisingly, arrive in their RVs. That begs the …

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Living in Midland, TX: What’s It Like?

Living in Midland

Ever wondered what it’s like to live in Midland? Founded in 1881 as the midway point between El Paso and Ft. Worth, Midland was a vital railroad stop. Midland was a ‘prairie town’ if there ever was one. That all changed with the oil boom of 1923. After the discovery of the Big Lake oil …

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Tea 101: How to Store Matcha & Whisks

How to store matcha tea

There are few libations in the world as delicious and healthy as Matcha tea. A cousin, if you will, of green tea, Matcha tea consists of young tea leaves. Tea makers grind those leaves, like most teas, into a fine powder for brewing. The similarities end there, however, as we’ll see in just a few …

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