Interesting Things to Do in Guthrie, OK

Moving to Guthrie, OK? If yes, lucky you! There are many cool things to do, see, and restaurants to enjoy in Guthrie, OK! Kids enjoy living in Guthrie for all the fun stuff there is to do here, like Alpacas-N-More. Mom and dad love that Guthrie has different and decadent spots to relax and enjoy some adult time. Plus, our town is in the Top 20 Best Places to Retire in Oklahoma! We get high marks all around for our top-quality health and civic services.

In other words, Guthrie, OK is a pleasant place to live. It’s the quintessential Oklahoma town, with fine, friendly people who take pride in their neighborhood and make fantastic neighbors. If you’d like to discover many of the thrilling, interesting, and delicious things to do in Guthrie, OK, read on!

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Practice Painting and Pouring at Tipsy Artist

For adults in Guthrie looking for fun, creativity, and wine with friends, Tipsy Artist is their top choice. The world’s largest paint and wine parties are hosted here, and celebrity artist Tiffany Bora’s here, too! You’ll express your creativity while you imbibe some fine vino, laugh, and de-stress. It’s a great place to throw a party or, if you like, take some private painting classes. (And it’s a great excuse to get together with your pals and drink some wine — not quite a full-on restaurant or bar in Guthrie, OK, but certainly a fun one!)

Interesting Things to Do in Guthrie, OK

Visit Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum

From the outside, the Oklahoma Frontier Drugstore Museum looks like, well, a frontier drugstore. Inside, however, the museum has a massive collection of frontier artifacts and memorabilia dedicated to the medicine of the time. It’s an impressive collection, no doubt, started by pharmacist Ralph Enix in the 1970s. The museum, however, opened in 1992. It tells the story of 19th and 20th-century medicinal practices in Oklahoma and the Indian territories. (And what a story it is!)

Pet a Pretty Alpaca at Alpacas-N-More

Alpacas are one of the world’s most interesting equines! It’s a place of learning, caring, and precious alpacas, a lovely experience for the entire family. You can get up-close and personal with these friendly beasts, also, and feed them at feeding time. You’ll also learn a lot from the amazing owners and be amazed by how sweet these gentle creatures can be. They even rent the alpacas out for children’s parties to raise money for their care and feeding! It’s a must-see and one of the most adorable things to do in Guthrie, OK.

Interesting Things to Do in Guthrie, OK

Meet Some Spirits on a Guthrie Ghost Walk

One of the largest historic districts in the country, Guthrie, OK, has witnessed some fantastic, heartbreaking, and mysterious American history. This is, after all, the place where the great state of Oklahoma began! It’s not surprising that there be ghosts about, pitiful creatures that they are. Outlaws, politicians, and drifters have all called Guthrie home, and many never made it out alive. Some are still around (if you believe in that sort of thing) and can be seen and heard around the town. If you’d like to meet them up-close and personal, a Guthrie Ghost walk is… gulp… your best bet.

Learn History at the Capital Sports Museum

Did you know that sports icon Jim Thorpe was from Oklahoma, a Native American, and an Olympian? It’s true! However, Mr. Thorpe is one of many athletes that have given Oklahoma a rich athletic heritage. You can find out all about that heritage at the Territorial Capital Sports Museum. Even better, it’s located in our historic downtown! Come for the history of the sport, stay for the charming atmosphere, restaurants, and shops!

Enjoy Lake Life on Lake Guthrie & Liberty Lake

Guthrie features two small but beautiful lakes; Lake Guthrie and Liberty Lake. The first, lake Guthrie, is a bit more popular as it offers more amenities. For example, there are 4 miles of shoreline for walking and hiking, and you can also go boating and fishing. Lake Guthrie also offers boat ramps and docks, picnic areas, and a playground for the kids. They are fire pits to enjoy also and if you’d like to camp 8 lovely little campsites. (They’re first-come, first-serve, just FYI.)

Lake liberty is also very nice but only offers fishing, which is limiting if you want to do something else. One thing to keep in mind is that to access the waters of either Lake, a permit is required. Also, keep your eyes peeled for celebrities. Because of the Victorian charm found in Guthrie, we’ve become known as ” America’s back Lot.” Today Guthries is one of the most popular sites in the country for filming “period pieces.” (i.e., movies that are set in America’s past.)

Interesting Things to Do in Guthrie, OK

Guthrie is a Small Town with Lots of Charm

There’s no denying that this is a beautiful town to live, work and raise a family. Guthrie, OK is safe, and friendly and offers many fun and exciting things to do as well as restaurants to eat at. At SecurCare, we help new arrivals get their situation sorted with clean and affordable Guthrie storage units. You can reserve one ahead of time online and, when you arrive, it will be ready for all your household goods. That way, you can take your time searching for a new Guthrie neighborhood and place to call home.

Questions? You can chat with us online anytime and reserve your storage unit in Guthrie online also. You can also visit our self storage location in Guthrie and meet the onsite manager. They can show you some storage units and help you pick the one that fits your needs best. Until then, best of luck moving to Guthrie! We hope your move is stress-free and successful!

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