The Cost of Living in Grand Prairie, TX

If you’re moving to Grand Prairie, TX, and curious about our cost of living, we’ve got you! Below you’ll find information on all the major costs – including housing, transportation, groceries, and several more. It’s valuable information you can use when making big decisions, like which neighborhood is best for you and your family. If that’s the data you were looking for today, read on.

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Interested in our sources? We took data from the 2021 US Census, Best Places, and Nerd Wallet to estimate the most accurate costs of living in Grand Prairie, TX. We know these numbers may not always match your personal experience, but we do our best to give you a ballpark of what you can expect to pay in each category. If you have a different opinion, feel free to share it in the comments below! Now, on to the good stuff!

The Cost of Living in Grand Prairie, Texas

While we can’t report that the cost of living in Grand Prairie, TX is super affordable, we can say that it’s not expensive. The overall cost of living is only 1% above the national average. That’s relatively good news when you consider that, just down the road, Dallas has a cost of living that’s much higher. Then again, some cities and towns in Texas are a bit lower also. Only two cost indexes here are higher than the national average, though, which is unquestionably good. (More on those in just a bit.) In the end, however, living in Grand Prairie, Texas, is affordable.

Transportation: Expensive

Transportation is 18% more living in Grand Prairie.

The cost of transportation in Grand Prairie, TX, is the only one significantly higher than the national average. With a cost index of 118/100, you’ll pay almost 20% more for gasoline, car repairs and maintenance, road taxes, etc. Much of the extra cost has to do with the fact that many folks here commute into Dallas. Like our cost indexes, the one-way commute in Grand Prairie is just about average at 28 minutes. That’s not the worst commuting time, but it certainly could be shorter.

Housing: Affordable

Housing costs are 9% less than other U.S. cities

With a housing index of 91/100, the cost to purchase a home in Grand Prairie is reasonable. Renting an apartment is also cheaper here (although not by much, if we’re honest). The median home cost is 259,600, about $30,000 less than the US average. It’s a bit higher than the Texas average, which is $243,600. Still, saving 10% on the monthly mortgage would be a welcome gift for most families. If you’re moving here, you can reserve a storage unit in Grand Prarie, TX, online in under 10 minutes! That way, it will be ready and waiting when you arrive with all your stuff!

Utilities: Average

Utility cost is 1% higher living in Grand Prairie.

In most of America’s towns and cities, utility costs are (sort of) based on the local weather. For example, in upstate New York, heating costs in the winter can be ridiculous. The good news in Grand Prairie, Texas, is that we see zero snowy days every year. However, the bad news is that it gets hot as blazes for about half the year. That, of course, means that you’ll have your air conditioning on full blast much of the time. That’s not as bad as it sounds, actually, with utility costs here that match the national average. At 101/100, they aren’t extreme but, as with the other expenses here, aren’t low, either.

Groceries: Affordable

You’ll pay 3% less for groceries than the U.S. average.

Most people would jump at the chance to get a 3% discount on groceries every time they shop. In Grand Prairie, that’s what you’ll get, as we have a grocery index of 97/100. Yes, it’s only 3% lower than the national average, but then again, every little bit helps! If your family spends $300 a week on groceries, that’s almost $500 in savings every year. (That’s nearly two weeks’ worth of free groceries and major pro to cost of living in Grand Prairie, TX!)

Healthcare: Affordable

Costs of healthcare living in Grand Prairie are 6% lower.

As with most of the other cost indexes in Grand Prairie, healthcare costs are close to the national average. However, at 94/100, you’ll save 6% on emergency room visits, doctor visits, and other medical care. For many families, that’s a welcome saving that could make it much easier to pay their monthly bills. Grand Prairie also has some excellent hospitals and, overall, very high quality of healthcare. In short, you’ll save a little bit of money and get excellent healthcare when you live here.

The Cost of Living in Grand Prairie, TX

While Grand Prairie, Texas, won’t win any awards for being the cheapest town in America, it’s still affordable. We have lower housing, grocery, and healthcare costs, and our only high cost is transportation. Utility costs and miscellaneous costs are also right in line with the national average.

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