Wedding Venues In Oklahoma Under $1000

Looking for wedding venues in Oklahoma under $1000 or cheap wedding venues in Tulsa? Starting a life together in the Sooner State is practically perfect! The climate here is excellent, the people are lovely, and there’s so much to do here. It’s a great place to live, work, and raise a family when you’re ready. Of course, as a young-ish couple, you’re likely looking to save as much money as possible. That way, soon, you can purchase your first home together. (Or at least be able to rent a lovely apartment.)

One of the best ways to save money is to have a low-budget wedding, of course. Let’s be honest; weddings can get ridiculously expensive. That means putting ‘ find cheap wedding venues Tulsa’ on your to-do list. The good news is, when you’re ready to start looking, we’ve put together this excellent list for you! On it, you’ll find several wedding venues in Oklahoma for under $1000. That way, you can get hitched but still, save big bucks. (Plus, you can use some of those bucks to splurge on your honeymoon!) Enjoy!

Wedding Venues Under $1000

Wedding Venues Under $1000: Lees Grand Lake Resort

While it may not be a traditional venue, Lees Grand Lake Resort is worth considering. That’s because it sits on the magnificent Grand Lake O’ The Cherokees. One of Oklahoma’s most beautiful lakes, it boasts over 1300 miles of shoreline! What’s non-traditional about it is that it’s a family vacation resort with cabins and an RV park. The entire family can get together and rent cabins for the day or the weekend so that everyone can be together. Then all you need to do is rent out one of their large meeting rooms for your wedding, which is well under $1000.

The best part is that everyone will have access to a massive amount of activities. Pontoon boat rentals, tetherball, swimming, fishing, a kids’ playground, ski boat rentals, volleyball, and much more! You can turn it into a family reunion with a wedding thrown in for good measure! Plus, the cabins they rent are air-conditioned in summer and heated in winter. That way, all of your friends and family will stay comfortable and have a wonderful time. It’s a great way to save money on your wedding while still having a blast with the whole fam! By the way, Lees Grand Lake Resort is about 1 hour and 20 minutes outside of Tulsa, so it’s quite close.

Lees Grand Lake Resort
24800 S 630 Rd.
Grove, OK

Phone: 918-786-4289

Quick Tips For a Cheap Tulsa Wedding

Saving money on your wedding venue often means doing many things yourself. That includes decorating, preparing food, and providing amenities. Here are a few tips to help!

  1. Purchase items that go on sale for your wedding. Sometimes these items can go on sale a long time before your wedding, so plan and store them in a Tulsa storage unit.
  2. Have a DIY wedding. Make your decorations and store them in your rented storage unit.
  3. Make the Reception ‘pot luck’ and ask everyone to bring something to drink or eat.
  4. Borrow items from your friend’s past weddings. Your friends are sure to have stockpiled some decor in their times; ask what they have leftover!
  5. Skip the save the date and go straight for the invitation. You can save time and money with a digital save the date. 

Wedding Venues Under $1000: Ambassador Hotel

About an hour and a half from Tulsa, in Oklahoma City, is the Ambassador Hotel. Now, while you might not think of a hotel as an excellent place for a wedding, the Ambassador has a few secrets. One is their spectacular terrace, which offers fantastic views of the city and plenty of seating arrangements. All of your friends and family can stay there too, which makes it much easier for everyone. The Ambassador Hotel also offers several rooms inside the hotel, all under $1000 for the day. However, our recommendation is the terrace, which is also under $1000 but is a spectacular wedding setting if the weather’s good.

The Ambassador Hotel
1324 S. Main St.
Tulsa, OK

Phone: 405-600-6200

Wedding Venues Under $1000: Rose Event Center

Catering to many different events, the Rose Event Center is perfect for “cheap wedding venues in Tulsa.” Not only can you rent a large room there for under $1000, but many things are free. That includes a fun photo booth, linens for the tables, and even a white limousine! They also offered a big screen TV for slideshows, a karaoke machine, and a rose petal drop for your first dance! Plus, you can bring your food and alcohol, saving even more money. They even have a room, especially for the bride and a kids’ room, to keep the little rugrats happy. We highly recommend asking about their outdoor wedding option also, especially in spring and summer. (It’s quite lovely.) By the way, Rose Event center is right outside of Tulsa. The drive there is less than 30 minutes.

Rose Event Center
808 S Main St.
Broken Arrow, OK

Phone: 918-230-7660

Cheap Wedding Venues: 108 Contemporary

Now, this is a special place to have a cheap Tulsa wedding! 108 Contemporary is, as the name suggests, a contemporary art gallery. Even better, it sits in the middle of Tulsa in the Brady Arts District, one of the most famous art districts in the United States. With a gallery that boasts 20-foot ceilings, polished concrete floors, and massive warehouse windows, it’s unique. What’s even more remarkable is getting married, surrounded by contemporary art! (Talk about chic!) Plus, with art exhibitions that change every 6 to 8 weeks, no wedding will be like any other! It’s one of the most exciting wedding venues in Oklahoma under $1000, no doubt about it!

108 Contemporary
108 E. Mathew Brady St.
Tulsa, OK

Phone: 918-895-6302

Cheap Wedding Venues in Tulsa, Oklahoma

The truth is, there are quite a few more locations in Tulsa where you can get married for under $1000. Most of them are very friendly, and convenient and would make an excellent location for exchanging vows. Here are some of the best:

We hope this list has been beneficial and that you find the best p[place for your Tulsa wedding and reception! Best of luck with everything and, again, congratulations! We wish you the very best with your marriage and your new lives together!

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