Expert Advice: How to Store Video Games

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Since their humble beginnings in the 1970s, video games have become a worldwide phenomenon. Millions of people play video games at home, bringing families and friends together for fun and good times. However, storing video games when you’re not playing them is a challenge. To help, we’ve got expert advice on how to store video games. Below are some tips that can ensure your favorite video games stay in pristine shape while stored.

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What is the Best Way to Store Video Games?

Video game storage isn’t all that difficult, but it does take some planning and consideration. Whether you have an Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, or another console, the way you store your games is the same. They should be in a container to keep them from getting dusty. Cardboard works, but clear plastic containers let you easily see what’s inside. If you want access to your old video games, storing them in your home is one option. You should store your games on a bookshelf, storage rack, or storage tower. These won’t keep your blu-ray and other games dust-free but will keep them organized and easy to access.

How Do you Store Video Games Long Term?

Storing video games long-term means packing them into boxes or plastic bins first. Both work, but as mentioned earlier, clear plastic bins make it easier to see the contents inside. You can pack smaller plastic bins in larger bins to make organizing easier. Once everything is packed, put it all in a dry, cool, dark spot in your home or a dry, cool, climate controlled storage unit from SecurCare.

Stacking boxes or bins directly on top of each other will work for small collections of video games. However, think about getting a metal storage rack or shelf if you have a larger collection. That way, you won’t have to stack the bins and boxes, and the shelf can also keep them off the floor. A shelf also makes it easier to grab a single bin without having to stack and unstack every time.

How Do you Store Video Game Consoles?

Video game consoles are not much different than video games when talking about storage. You should store consoles in small plastic bins to keep all their wires, chargers, and accessories together. To keep them in mint condition, wrapping your video game consoles with bubble wrap is a good idea. Next, place smaller plastic containers into a larger one or a box. 

If you store video game consoles long-term, use the same tips as for the games. Use clear plastic bins and keep them on a shelving unit, so you don’t have to stack them. Then store them in a cool, dry, dark place.

What Kind of Shelving Do you Need to Store Video Games?

While there are no shelving units made specifically for video games, some come pretty close. This includes storage towers and storage racks, as well as media storage cabinets. Many of them come with dividers, can be wall-mounted, and have adjustable shelves. You’ve probably seen racks like these in your travels if you’re a heavy-duty gamer. However, regular shelving, like a bookshelf, is fine for video game storage. You don’t need to purchase a special (and more expensive) storage rack unless you want to. 

Can Video Games and Consoles be Stored in a Storage Unit?

A Temperature-controlled storage unit is probably best if you have a giant collection of video games and consoles. That way, all your gaming gear won’t be exposed to extreme temperatures. A storage unit is also a great way to organize a large video game collection. That’s especially true if you don’t have extra storage space at home. You can also store video game chairs, music components, and everything else connected to your gaming. It’s the safest, easiest way to store large video game collections.

Keep your Home Tidy with SecurCare Self Storage

Video gaming brings many people together and is a fun time for all. An untidy home because of video games scattered all over the place? Not so much. If your home is bursting at the seams due to too much stuff, SecurCare can help. When you rent one of our safe, clean storage units, your video games will be in great hands. SecurCare also offers renter’s insurance to ensure your valued collection is protected.

To find a self storage unit, visit the SecurCare main web page. You can also visit the nearest SceurCare self-storage facility and meet the on-site manager. (We have self-storage facilities from the Atlantic to the Pacific!) The on-site manager can answer any questions and show you the different storage unit sizes. Additionally, they can let you know about our convenient and money-saving monthly rentals. (Some locations even offer espresso to give you a quick pick-me-up!)

No matter what you need to store (including video games and much more) you can rely on SecurCare. We know how important your video games are, and don’t want to play games when it comes to keeping them well-protected!

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