Are Old Video Games Worth Money?

If you grew up in the eighties or nineties, there’s a good chance that you played video games as a child. So, are old video games worth money? While many people consider video games child’s play, they’re actually worth a lot to some nostalgic collectors. The next time that you come across your cartridges when digging around in your self storage facility, consider blowing off some of the dust and giving the old games a try. Even if you want to send them to a new home, they might be more valuable than you think. Here are some tips to help you identify valuable titles and maintain the games you have:

Rare is Best

No matter how much “Sonic the Hedgehog” is worth to you, it’s probably not particularly valuable to collectors. A game’s quality generally has very little to do with it’s value, and collectors instead look at rarity to determine the value of the item. This means that a lot of bad and forgotten games are the most prized by collectors, because they were printed in very limited numbers.

The Whole Package Matters

A cartridge or disk might be worth something on its own. But, to attain five-figure prices, you’ll need to have the game’s box and instruction manual as well. If you have a title that’s still in its original shrink wrap, even better. Unopened games are worth much more than copies that have been played.

If It Is Open, Make Sure It Works

If a game is out of its original packaging, it’s basically worthless unless it boots up. Test out your games regularly, and make sure to keep them clean. Disks are pretty resilient, but plenty of debris can get stuck inside the bottom of a cartridge. Use a Q-tip and some rubbing alcohol to clean the metal parts of a cartridge and keep things running smoothly.

Go to the Pros

If you do plan on selling old video games that are worth money, don’t dump them on Craigslist without checking their potential first. Lots of people sell games for far less than the actual value because they don’t realize what they have. There are a variety of online resources and forums that can give you a better idea of prices, and it’s easy to ask about any particularly odd finds you might have.

If you have something rare, hawk it on eBay, or keep it in a temperature-controlled storage unit so it can appreciate further. Game collecting is a relatively new hobby, but it’s growing quickly. Your treasured childhood items could form the basis of a new collection. If you find that your games are taking up too much room in your home, come by a local SecurCare Self Storage facility, and find the space you need.