Maintaining and Storing a Vintage Camera Worth Money

Film might be dead for most people, but there are still plenty of perfectly serviceable vintage film cameras languishing in self storage units and garages all over America that are worth tons of money. If you happen to come upon one of these old shooters, consider snapping some photos. While film isn’t as ubiquitous as it used to be, there are still plenty of online retailers who can sell you a few rolls to experiment with. Here are some things to know about restoring and using a vintage camera:

Some Vintage Film Cameras Worth Money Aren’t that Old

While it feels like the world has been using digital cameras forever at this point, the digital revolution didn’t hit high-end cameras that long ago. This means that it’s relatively easy to find incredibly nice modern film cameras at surprisingly cheap prices. Beyond that, there’s a lot of interoperability between film cameras and their digital offspring. Most brands’ lenses are compatible with film or digital cameras, so you can use current lenses with older cameras that you pick up.

Film Cameras Are Tough

Many people think of cameras, with their big glass lenses and tiny buttons, as delicate devices. But, older vintage cameras worth money are generally durable. Unlike modern digital cameras, which rely on software and advanced sensors, old cameras are almost entirely mechanical. This means they can put up with a lot of abuse, and that it’s possible to fix problems by yourself. Even if you find a non-functional camera, clean it before declaring it a lost cause. You might stumble upon the flaw that’s holding the camera back and be able to correct it.

Clean It Well

Cleaning a vintage camera worth money isn’t too difficult, but it will require a variety of supplies. Cameras are made from several different materials, so you’ll want metal polish for the camera body, shoe polish for any leather, and glass cleaner for the lens. Use paper towels for most tasks, but Q-tips work too when working on a camera. They can get into the nooks and crannies on camera bodies.

Keep the Case

Hold onto the vintage camera’s original bag if you can – it can be worth a lot of money. Additionally, these are often designed to protect that specific model and will keep the camera in better shape. After you’ve spent time making an old camera look its best, ensure that it stays in good shape.