Tips for Properly Storing Wooden Furniture

If you’re planning on traveling for an extended period of time and don’t want to pay rent on a house or apartment that you won’t be using, a self-storage unit is your new best friend. It’s an affordable and safe way to store your belongings for a few months or several years at a time. Many things you put into storage require a few special steps to make sure they remain in the best possible condition. One of these is wooden furniture. Wood is widely used to make furniture, but that doesn’t mean it is an extremely durable material. In fact, there are a few steps you should take to make sure the wood doesn’t get stained, warped or mildewy. Here are a few steps for storing your wooden furniture.

Choose climate control

One major step to help keep wooden furniture in good condition is picking the proper storage facility. Look for one with climate-controlled self-storage units. These will regulate the temperature and, as wood tends to swell and contract with temperature swings, it will help prevent damage. Even if you have access to attic, garage or basement storage, consider renting a climate control storage unit to preserve your furniture.

Clean and dry

Before anything goes into storage, it’s a good idea to clean it first. Seemingly small specks or the slight presence of grime can actually do permanent damage to your furniture, so use a cleaner that is designed specifically for wood. You can also add furniture polish for an extra layer of protection. Remember to let your furniture dry completely before moving it to storage.

Fight mildew

While a climate-controlled self-storage unit will generally discourage mildew growth, it is always a possibility, so take the appropriate steps to fight against it. For example, avoid the use of cardboard boxes in the immediate area of your furniture. Cardboard is extremely susceptible to mildew because it is very thin and flimsy, and it can transfer the mildew to even finished wood under the right conditions. If possible, use furniture covers to further protect your furniture. Whether you use plastic covers or cloth, they will help keep your furniture from getting dinged up in storage as well as fight against mildew. If you need a climate-controlled self-storage unit, look no further than your local SecurCare Self Storage.