What’s the Average Price of a Self Storage Unit + Tips on Finding the Best Price

The average price of a self storage unit really varies by location, season, and amenities. A larger, temperature-controlled unit in a popular city will cost a lot more than a standard, smaller unit in a small town. As people look to rent a self storage unit for their space needs, they often wonder how they can save money on their rental. The storage industry is based around supply and demand, and many people want to snag a lot of extra space for as little money as possible. Here are some things to keep in mind as you hunt for the best deal:

Think seasonally

The weather isn’t the only thing that changes throughout the year, self storage unit pricing fluctuates too. A recent survey from SpareFoot found that while self-storage unit prices were generally consistent between 2013 and 2014 on average, there were predictable shifts in cost. The summer is the worst time to get a deal. Prices in the winter can be around $10 less expensive than those in the hottest months, and it’s easy to see how that small difference can translate to major savings over time. If you can tough out moving your belongings in low temperatures, grab a space in January. In the South, things are even easier. Those of you looking for a Savannah self-storage unit just lucked out!

Make an appearance

It’s easy to shop for storage online, but it might not yield the best deal. SpareFoot found that the price given to customers online and in-person could vary considerably from one self-storage facility to another. Interestingly, the difference between the online price and the in-person cost was not consistent; in some cases, the price in person was less, but other facilities charged more for walk-ins. Do your research online, but be sure to stop by the storage facility before you plunk down your cash. This will keep you from leaving money on the table, and it will give you a better sense of the place you’ll be keeping your possessions.

Increases are a part of life

It’s important to remember that storage is booming in America and that demand means the price you get at the beginning of your rental could change over time. When you consider that 87. 4 percent of American self-storage units are currently occupied, it becomes clear that there’s a lot of demand for extra room. It’s important to get a great price at the beginning of your rental so that necessary increases won’t cause you any stress. A self-storage unit can help you organize your life, but it is an investment. Using the above tips make it possible to find a price that works for you. If you need some extra room, stop by a local SecurCare Self Storage location today!