Fun Ideas for Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just weeks away, so it’s time to get cracking on your costume! If you have kids, consider putting together a Halloween costume that involves the whole family. There’s no need to go out and buy expensive store-bought costumes either – you can put something together with the items you have in your home or temperature controlled self storage unit. Here are a few cute and fun family costume ideas for Halloween:

Medieval family

Are mom and dad the king and queen of your castle? Or are they more like the jester and dragon? Whatever you decide to do, there are plenty of fun ways to dress your family like a fanciful medieval royal family. Some strategically placed tinfoil is perfect for a knight, while a dragon costume can be made by sewing a few fabric triangles along the back of a hooded sweatshirt. This could be the easiest cute and fun family costume idea for Halloween ever.

The Peter Pan clan

Between Captain Hook and Tinkerbell, just about every member of the family can pick someone from the classic story to dress up as. As a fun twist, one member of the family can dress up as Peter Pan, while another wears the same costume in black, and goes as his shadow.

Bees and their keepers

If mom and dad have some white clothes, hats and can get their hands on some netting, they’ve got a beekeeper costume ready to go. Just dress the little ones up in black and yellow stripes, and you’re ready to go!This could be our favorite cute and fun family costume idea for Halloween.

The solar system

Do you have a son or daughter that thinks the universe revolves around them? Now’s the time to prove it, by making them the sun in your very own solar system. Dress Junior – or mom or dad – as a sun using felt to create a decal on a black sweatshirt or even a cardboard cutout they can wear like a mask or headpiece. Other family members can be the Earth, the moon and, depending on how many members of your family there are, the other planets.

Turtle power!

With a few green outfits and some strategically placed pillows, your family can dress up as a group of turtles this Halloween. Just throw in some red, orange, blue, and purple masks and a couple of fake weapons, and you’ve become the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Whether you need a place to store your Halloween costumes to use for next year or some spare furniture, check out your local SecurCare Self Storage facility today! We hope you enjoyed this list of cute and fun family costume ideas for Halloween.