Colorado Springs Self Storage for Military Members

With five bases, Colorado Springs, Colorado, has a huge military presence. Between Fort Carson and Peterson Air Force Base, thousands of members of the U. S. military call the city home. Being deployed across the country or across the world means members of the armed forces are likely in need of a place to keep their belongings safe while they are away. Here are a few tips to find the right Colorado Springs self storage facilities for military members:


It’s hard to tell how long military members will be on deployment. They may spend just a few months at a different base or several years abroad. For this reason, they should always look for a self-storage facility that is as flexible as they are. Being locked into a long-term lease may mean they’ll end up paying for a self-storage unit for longer than they need. On the other hand, if a lease expires while the renter is away, it could be inconvenient to resign if he or she doesn’t have access to a phone, let alone the ability to stop into the storage facility. Therefore, members of the military should look for a storage facility with convenient month-to-month leases.


Again, a soldier who is being deployed in a remote part of the world is unlikely to be able or willing to write a check for his or her storage unit each month. Postage alone may be cost-prohibitive. Therefore, the ability to pay online allows members of the armed forces to make payments quickly and easily.


There are plenty of ways the country tries to show its gratitude to service members. A small part of this is providing them with discounts at various establishments, like movie theaters and restaurants. Self-storage facilities are no different, so any members of the military should be sure to choose one that honors them with a discount. Vehicle storage Those deployed abroad may find that they have a vehicle to keep somewhere. Whether it’s that member’s only car or their spouse finds that he or she doesn’t need a second one, for the time being, it doesn’t make sense for a vehicle to sit and take up space in a garage if it’s not going to be used. So, look for a storage facility that can house cars or trucks. Whether you need storage for a few months or a few years, call SecurCare Self Storage today!