What’s the Cost of Living Evansville, IN?

If you’re moving to Evansville, IN you likely have questions about the cost of living here. (That’s especially true if you have a family to support.) To help, we gathered information about the major costs in Evansville. If you want real-world info about living costs to help you make some big decisions, read on.

As a top provider of storage units in Indiana, SecurCare always seeks out valuable information to help customers at our many locations. That goes for charming Evansville, IN, too, near the upper southwest part of our beautiful state. There’s a major Ohio River port, Evansville is the area’s commercial hub. With its diversity and passion for the arts, the town has become a cultural hub as well. With a modern downtown surrounded by charming neighborhoods, Evansville is an attractive place to live, work, and raise a family.

Interested in our sources? We took data from the 2021 US Census, Best Places, and Nerd Wallet to estimate the most accurate costs of living in Evansville, IN. We know these numbers may not always match your personal experience, but we do our best to give you a ballpark of what you can expect to pay in each category. If you have a different opinion, feel free to share it in the comments below! Now, on to the good stuff!

The Cost of Living in Evansville, IN

21% Lower Than the National Average.

We’re glad to say we can start with some good news; Evansville, IN, is an affordable place to live. With a score of 79/100, it costs 21% lower than the national average to live, work, and enjoy life here. Now, truth be told, not every cost index in Evansville is on the affordable side. (More on that, below.) However, only one cost index is above the national average, which is better than many cities. Even more, housing, typically the highest monthly cost, is well below the national average, as we’ll see shortly. In other words, Evansville is more affordable than other cities of the same size and one of the more affordable in the country.

Is the Cost of Living in Evansville, IN, Affordable?

Housing: Affordable

The cost of housing is 48% lower living in Evansville.

One of the significant reasons Evansville is so affordable is the housing index, which is an incredible 52/100. That’s nearly 50% less than the national average, the type of savings that can change a family’s life. The median home cost in Evansville is under $160,000, one of the lowest in the country. (It’s nearly half of the national average. Let that sink in for a moment.)

Amazingly, Evansville is even 10% lower than the average cost for the entire state of Indiana, which is 62/100! While some of the other expenses in Evansville are just below the American average, housing is far below it. That makes low housing costs one of the best reasons to live in Evansville by far. Many folks rent a storage unit in Evansville when they arrive. It’s an easy, safe, and affordable way to store your worldly possessions while you house hunt.

Groceries: Affordable

Groceries cost 9% less than average in Evansville.

Saving 10% every month on groceries would be a dream for many families. Indeed, it’s one of the highest costs an American family has every month, especially a family with several children. You’ll save 9% on milk, cheese, bread, meat, and all those things your family loves to eat in Evansville, IN. (Beer, wine, and candles too. Winter is long-ish and cold here!)

Utilities: Expensive

Utilities are 9% higher than average living in Evansville.

This part of Indiana sees about 4 full months of cold weather, although not a tremendous amount of snow. Still, with that much cold, you can expect to use your home’s HVAC constantly. However, summer is relatively mild in Evansville, so you won’t be running the air conditioning nearly as much. That’s good news when you consider that utilities in Evansville are about 10% higher than the national average. That’s not extreme, by any means, but still an extra expense every month.

Healthcare: Affordable

Healthcare cost of living is 20% less than average.

For those close to retirement and young families, some good news; healthcare is affordable in Evansville. With an index of 80/100, we’re 20% below the national average, which could be substantial savings in many cases. Even more importantly, the level of health caregiving here is excellent. The town offers several exceptional hospitals and high quality of overall care.

Transportation: Affordable

Transportation costs 23% less living in Evansville.

Our final cost index today is transportation, which at 77/100 is definitely affordable. You’ll pay nearly 30% less for fuel, repairs, maintenance, tolls, and taxes in our town, substantial savings for any family. The average commute time in Evansville offers good news also as it’s a mere 18.7 minutes one way. That’s 10 minutes less than the national average, nearly 2 hours less time spent staring out your windshield every week. In short, transportation is an easy road to take in Evansville.

Is the Cost of Living in Evansville, IN, Affordable?

Evansville, IN, is an Affordable Place to Live!

There’s no denying it; Evansville, IN, is definitely an affordable American town with a great cost of living. With very affordable housing and low transportation and healthcare costs, the average family will save substantially when living here.

At SecurCare, we help new arrivals to our town with safe, clean, and affordable self storage units in Evansville. With 24/7 security and an onsite manager, our Evansville storage units are very secure, also. Many folks here store their beloved treasure with us, as well as antiques, supplies, cars, and more.

If you have questions about storage units in Evansville, chat with us online anytime. Even better, you can visit your local Evansville SecurCare self storage location. The onsite manager would be pleased as punch to help you out! They can show you some storage units, help you decide which one you want, and get the process started. Until then, best of luck finding a new home in Evansville, IN. We hope you find one that fits your family and your budget best!

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