Prepping for Summer Vacation

The spring semester is rapidly coming to a close, and college students everywhere, just like you, are beginning to make their plans for summer. However, before diving into a few months of sunny weather, days at the beach and sleeping in past noon, you will need to move out of your dorm or prepare your apartment for vacancy or a subletter. Knowing how to pack away belongings and keep your valuable possessions safe over the summer holiday is crucial. Follow these tips to ensure you can get a head start on enjoying your long-awaited break:

Create a Checklist Calendar

Whether you are moving across the country or across the street, creating a checklist to follow will help as you embark on this journey. Try to organize your responsibilities into specific days to avoid becoming overwhelmed or stressed. Remember, your priority is school, and acing those finals is crucial. Before creating your checklist, write down when your finals are, where they are and how much time you need to dedicate to studying for each of them. The next two important events you should factor into the construction of your checklist are the move out date and deadline for returning rented textbooks. After identifying what your days will look like over the next few weeks, make a list of all the other tasks you need to complete before the end of the year. This could include cleaning your dorm room or apartment, packing clothes, calling a storage facility to rent a storage unit, returning books to the library, and other various loose ends you need to tie up. Levo League, a career community, also suggested adding items to your lists such as asking for a letter of recommendation from a professor or updating your resume and cover letter. Fill in the days that aren’t as busy with the highest number of tasks. Also, remember you may need to use certain items up to the day you leave for home. You can pack away most of your clothes, but keep enough items for yourself to last you until the big move.

Packing Tips

If you still have them, pack any electronics, televisions, or computers in their original boxes. If not, use bubble wrap, foam sheeting, or some form of cushioning to protect these items. Label the box or container you place your items in as fragile. If you’re in need of summer storage, contact SecurCare Self Storage today!