Dealing with a Flood

Floods can leave extraordinary damage in their wake. Thawing ice and spring rains can increase the risk for floods, according to the U. S. Department of Homeland Security. This spring, many regions have already seen significant downpours that have negatively impacted communities. North Carolina’s government building recently suffered from flooding and crucial documents were compromised, according to the Insurance Journal. The same tremendous storm flew across Texas and barreled through the great lakes region, according to NBC News. Whether you need to repair damage from flooding or want to prevent harm to your belongings after a flood, follow these tips to protect your valuable possessions:

Take Advantage of Storage Facilities

Renting a storage unit from a storage facility can help keep items safe and secure. If your basement or other areas of your home flood, get your items out of the house as soon as possible. You want to salvage as many belongings as you can. If your home suffered from flood damage, you may need to take on some construction projects to restore your house. By taking your items to a storage facility, you can keep them out of the way and safe from potential damages that may occur as a result of your construction projects. SecurCare Self Storage facilities provide measures to ensure you can move items quickly and safely. Available moving supplies, managers on-site, and month-to-month leases help make the process easier for you.

Know whether You Have Flood Insurance

The Insurance Information Institute noted that standard home insurance does not include flood insurance. Consider investing in adequate protection to cover the expenses you may encounter due to flood damage. Speak with your insurance provider to outline exactly what is covered in the case of floodwaters damaging your home and belongings. If you currently are dealing with flood damage, contact your insurance company right away. Document all damage that has ensued and salvage what you can. Preparing an inventory of all of your possessions and their value can help during the claims process. Keep this information safe and organized at all times. Anticipating the potential for flood damage is your best defense against the extensive costs associated with destruction from rain and water. Plan ahead and know your region’s risk for flooding during the spring season. Reach out to a local SecurCare Self Storage facility today and find out how we can help you deal with potential flood damage.