Moving to a New Home with Your Precious Pup

Your dog is part of the family. When moving to a new home, you will want to keep Fido happy during the transition. Follow these helpful tips to keep your furry friend happy during the big move

Keep Your Pup in Mind Before Investing in a New Residence

Know the needs of your dog and try to find elements that meet these needs when browsing houses, condos or apartments. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals suggests taking the time to walk around the neighborhood. You can get a feel for the area and decide whether it is animal friendly. In addition, be on the lookout for fun parks and paths that welcome your pet. Try finding a new home that offers enough space for your dog to live comfortably. If you can, find a new place that gives your four-legged friend an area, like an extra bedroom or nook in the kitchen, where he or she can rest and keep to themselves. Moving can be just as stressful for them as it might be for you. A designated room provides a chance for your pup to rest and recuperate after a long move. Also consider renting a unit in a storage facility to store furniture during the transition to get a little extra space for everyone during the adjustment. In addition, you can protect your furniture. Sometimes stress can lead to your dog chewing and gnawing.

Plan Ahead for the Move

Prepare your pup, and have a concrete plan for transporting and comforting your pet before the big day. PETCO notes keeping your dog’s routine as normal as possible can help with the transition. Continue taking your buddy for walks and playing in the backyard or at the park as you normally would. In addition, you will need to speak with your veterinarian about moving your pet. This is especially important if your dog is prone to motion sickness and you are transporting him or her by car or plane for a longer distance. Your vet may prescribe medication to your dog that can help with stress. If your move requires time in the air, call the airline ahead of time and discuss the options available for you and your pet. Ensure you can travel on the same flight as your dog and that the cargo hold is properly pressurized and temperature controlled. Before transitioning your pet to a new home, call a SecurCare Self Storage facility and get a rate on a unit today.