Create an Affordable Home Office

Establishing a space to work from home, or just to spend some time invested in a good book, is a luxury you may not think you can incorporate into your house. Think again. Having space for a home office does not mean you need an empty room waiting for a purpose or to invest in an expensive renovation project. You can simply and inexpensively add this feature to your home by turning a closet into a sanctuary for your work.

Find the Perfect Closet

Size is one of the most important elements you will need to consider when evaluating the closets in your home. Houzz noted having a closet that allows you to close the door on your work can be especially convenient when you no longer want to think about your job or you need to hide the clutter. Oftentimes, closets are filled to the brim with items we hardly use. Consider throwing some of these belongings away or selling them to make space for a home office. If you find the perfect closet, and it holds seasonal items, you can rent a storage space from a storage facility and rotate these possessions regularly as months warm-up or get colder. The depth of the closet is one of the more important elements of the space. Ensure you can fit a small desk and any other accessories you may want to have in this space, such as filing cabinets, a printer, or shelves. Another consideration you may want to think about is whether you have access to a power outlet nearby or if you need to plug your computer in for internet access.

Consider Custom

The Family Handyman recommended having a desk and shelves made specifically for the dimensions of the closet. Incorporating a custom creation may make the transformation easier and more suited for your unique space and your specific purposes. If you don’t consider yourself a master of carpentry, consider asking a friend who is or hiring someone for the job. Place an ad on craigslist or ask friends and family for suggestions of local carpenters and woodworkers. Also consider including custom lighting inside the shelves to illuminate the space and your ideas, while clicking away at your work computer. When you find the perfect closet for your home office, and you want to store your belongings, head to a SecurCare Self Storage facility near you and speak with a storage professional.