Pool Float Storage Ideas

Giant inflatable donuts and oversized flamingos provide hours of fun in the sun for all ages. But their awkward shapes may leave you short on pool float storage ideas. Don’t feel deflated—we have the best hacks for storing all of your floats. Use these pool toy storage ideas when you’re ready to take your unicorn float by the horn.

First thing’s first: Wash and dry pool floats.

Remove floats from the deep end for a deep clean. Start by using a dry cloth to wipe off dirt and dust. Next, rinse inflatables with a garden hose. Fill a bucket with 3 parts warm water to 1 part mild cleanser or dish soap. Dip an absorbent cloth into the mixture and clean thoroughly. Finally, dry floats and toys in the sun to prevent mold and mildew.

Deflate all inflated toys (the easy way).

It may seem like a no-brainer, but deflating your floats maximizes storage space. Make sure to take the air out of all inflatables, even smaller toys like beach balls and water wings. The trouble with deflating? It’s as time-consuming as inflating.

How to Deflate Pool Floats

Pro Tip: Use a drinking straw to speed up the process. Insert the drinking straw into the air valve, then apply weight to the float. This way, you won’t have to squeeze the valve the entire time you’re deflating larger pool toys.

Store floats so they save the most space.

If you still have them, fold floats and place them back in their original boxes. If you don’t, opt for clear plastic bins over boxes so you can see what’s inside.

Pro Tip: Use a space saver bag. The extra suction will help your inflatables lay flat.

Hopefully, these pool float storage ideas save you from drowning in inflatables. Check out more tips for summer storage.