Removing Summer Toys from Storage

Boats, RVs, Jet Skis, motorbikes and ATVs are summer staples. However, if you’ve stored them all winter long, you’ll need to take some time to de-winterize your favorite seasonal toys before using them this year. 

Follow these tips as you prepare your boat and RV for a fun-filled summer: 

Check for Any Damage 

This is especially important if your RV was stored outdoors, as the weight of debris or snow can cause damage. You will also want to check for any rust that may have developed on the vehicle as well as the tire pressure.

For stored boats, again, you will want to inspect them for any damage just as you would for your camper. In addition, you’ll want to ensure brakes, lights and the mechanics of your boat and RV are properly working. 

Making sure everything is operational will make for a more satisfying summer as you can fix any damages right away. This way you can get full use out of your toys during the season when everything is it tip-top shape. 

De-Winterize Your Toys 

When storing vehicles in particular, it’s typical to pump antifreeze through the water tank to keep it from freezing, expanding and potentially bursting. However, when it’s time to use your RV again, you don’t want anyone to ingest these chemicals. So, flush the system with water a few times to fully clean it out. 

“Making sure everything is operational will make for a more satisfying summer as you can fix any damages right away.”

You may also want to sanitize the water system. To do this, add one cup of bleach per gallon of water, fill the tank and run the water. You may need to run it through a few different times to eliminate the bleach from the system, but it will sanitize your water tank. 

The Marine Group also indicated that you will need to fill up the cooling system, as you’ve likely drained it before cold weather struck. Check for cracks in the hoses to avoid any leakage. 

In addition, you will need to evaluate all the belts of the boat and replace any that seem to be worn. 

Clean It Up

Before using your boat and RV, make sure to deep clean both vehicles, as a long winter in storage means dust and grime likely built up. 

While you’re supposed to remove food and supplies from your boat and camper, there may have been some items you forgot. Make sure you clear these out. You may need to invest more time in cleaning these areas as spoiled food may leave a stench behind. 

Spend an afternoon or weekend deep-cleaning your toys, and if you don’t have time, consider hiring someone to complete the job for you.

Spending time outdoors with your RV and boat is a great way to enjoy the summer season. When it’s time to pack it up again, turn to SecurCare Self Storage for all your storage needs.