Staying on track during summer school: Eliminating distractions with storage solutions

For students, the summer is supposed to be a time of fun and relaxation. After months of studying and cramming, and then trudging through a gauntlet of finals and term papers, college students just want to toss off the yoke of responsibility and forget all the things they just learned.

However, many students don’t have the luxury to take time off of school. Some studious individuals may be compelled to fly through their classes as quickly as possible. Others might not have done as well as they would have liked during the school year and now have to take classes during the summer. In either situation, the distractions that accompany the summer months can make it difficult to concentrate on the important tasks at hand. Whether it’s the temptation of video games, barbecues or playing sports, students can be all too easily waylaid by activities that only serve to interfere with the crucial studying they need to finish. 

“The distractions that accompany the summer months can make it difficult to concentrate on studying.”

Too many shiny objects

The best way to study is to eliminate distractions. While turning off the television and telephone are both wise first steps to creating an interruption-free space conducive for studying, this might not be enough for some people. Merely having a phone or tablet in the home could be enough to divert a student’s attention.

Similarly, gaming consoles like a Playstation or Xbox can act like a shiny object drawing the student’s vision away from his or her notes and textbooks. It can be all too easy to glance up at the video games and think “Just 10 more minutes of gaming…,” or “Once I finish the next level…” Unfortunately, these self-interested incentives only serve to detract from students’ ability to soak up and retain the key knowledge they need for their classes. 

Locking up videogames in a self-storage unit can eliminate distractions during crucial studying hours.Locking up video games in a self storage unit can eliminate distractions during crucial studying hours.

As noted by Texas A&M University’s Student Counseling Service, studying should take place in a distraction-free area, that’s free from toys, games and other types of entertainment or amusement. It’s imperative that students gain control over their environment. Otherwise, they’ll never be able to truly optimize their studying techniques.

Out of sight, out of mind

Students who want to maximize their studies should consider the many benefits that a self-storage unit could provide for when it’s time to study. Texas A&M students have many storage options to choose from when looking for a Bryan-College Station storage facility. Storing away all the tempting items, like video games and water guns or even camping equipment, can be a good way to keep these items out of sight and out of mind. This eliminates the diverting siren song of disturbances that can derail any study session.

For students who live in the dorm and need to attend summer classes, the hustle and bustle of people also staying on the same floor can be a major distraction too. In addition, the normally staid and quiet library can sometimes be too rowdy if a tour is taking place or a lively study group is using the space. Even the comforts of your dorm room or apartment can impair the ability to study, because of the mental association with relaxation. According to 4Tests, a study-focused blog, familiar environments can breed complacency during studying hours, due to the past association with the room. When it’s difficult to find a quiet spot, students can even potentially make use of a storage unit to gain better control of their environment for more productive study sessions. Contact SecurCare Self Storage today to learn about the many storage options we have available to college students and everyone in between!