The Best Storage Shows on TV

Of the 300 reality programs airing on television today, we’re not surprised that a handful of storage shows made the cut. Though not as dramatic as catfighting cougars on Real Housewives, tv shows like Storage Wars are a hit amongst reality watchers.

In fact, there are no greater demonstrations of finding hidden gems than in storage TV shows. Perhaps it’s the excitement of finding greatness amongst garbage?

Regardless of why we watch these warehouse wars, here are 3 storage TV shows we know you’ll love:

Auction Hunters

Where to Watch: You can binge the whole series on Prime Video or YouTube.

Auction Hunters follows the duo of Allen Haff and Clinton “Ton” Jones as they traverse Southern California and other parts of the U.S. seeking out valuable prizes hidden inside storage units. The series debuted in November 2010 ran for 5 seasons.

In one of our favorite high-profit episodes, Allen and Ton score nearly $20,000—thanks to a WWII firearm and a Russian space suit.

But not all episodes show the dynamic duo bringing in the big bucks. In fact, a few bad bets even wind up costing them money. This is one of our favorite storage tv shows that is like Storage Wars!

Storage Wars

Where to Watch: Catch new episodes on A&E, and past seasons on Hulu.

We all want shows like Storage Wars, but make sure you’ve seen all seasons of this first! Now in its 11th season, Storage Wars follows buyers bidding against each other for storage units filled with abandoned possessions. Here’s the exciting part: Bidders can peer at the piles of potential prices, but they can’t enter the unit.

Ivy Calvin, a resourceful thrift shop owner, is an audience favorite on the show. He sees treasure where others see trash. His quick inventory turnover in his store allows him to be a big player in the bidding business.

Storage Hunters US

Where to Watch: Stream every episode on Netflix.

Storage Hunters US debuted on TruTV in 2011 and ran for 3 seasons. Throughout the show’s run, teams of bidders took their chances as they went up against married couple Brandon and Lori Bernier. Though the show ended in the U.S., a successful UK spinoff is still going strong.

Both shows were created by Sean Kelly, a comic-turned-TV creator. His lifelong fascination with auctions and storage units helped him claim his fame as the creator and star of both Storage Hunters series.

Audiences love watching storage tv shows so they can see buyers bet on mystery units. Ready to join your favorite reality risk-takers? Learn more about quarterly storage auctions at SecurCare.