How to Store a Mattress Topper

Mattress toppers add extra comfort and longevity to your mattress. Whether your mattress topper is feather or foam, storing it can be a difficult task to tackle.

So, what’s the secret on how to store a mattress topper? Proper protection. With a little patience and care, your stored mattress topper is sure to stay strong for years to come. Here’s how to store a mattress topper.

1. Pick Your Storage Space

Moisture is the enemy when it comes to storing your mattress topper. If you decide to stow it in a storage unit, consider a dehumidifier. If you use a climate-controlled unit, feel free to ditch the dehumidifier.

2. Clean It Well

After you’ve found the proper storage space, make sure you’ve cleaned your topper. Don’t store your mattress topper with dust or stains. This can cause mold or mildew to grow on your items. Clean your topper the same way you clean your mattress.

3. Roll It Up

After your mattress topper is dry, roll it up. It’s important to avoid folding because it can cause damage to a delicate material like memory foam. Once you roll it completely, it’s time to place it in a plastic bag for protection.

4. Protect It Properly

To protect your mattress topper, use a bag meant for moving and storing a mattress. It may be a bit bigger, but it will work well. Alternatively, you can use a vacuum-sealed bag or the bag that the mattress topper came in. Foam mattress toppers usually arrive compressed in their own vacuum storage bag. If you can find the original bag, reuse it.

You can store memory foam and feather toppers for 6+ months…if they are properly cleaned and protected.

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