How to Store a Fur Coat in the Summer

If you’ve inherited a fur coat, you might be wondering how to store it. The fact is, fur coats can be quite valuable, and some can even increase in value. For that reason, many people who own fur coats store them in expensive fur storage facilities. Here at SecurCare Self Storage, though, we want you to be able to store your fur without breaking your budget. These tips for how to store a fur coat in the summer can help!

Never Store Your Fur Coat in the Basement

One of the worst places to store a fur coat is in the basement or, for that matter, any damp place. The humidity in the typical basement is too much for the lining of a fur coat. It can cause mold to grow, destroying the fabric (and causing a foul odor also). Now, you might think, “No problem, I can just put the fur coat in a plastic bag.” That, however, is also a mistake.

Never Store Your Fur Coat in Plastic

Many people make this mistake, and honestly, we can see why. Plastic adds a protective layer to anything, keeping out dust, dirt, germs, liquids, etc. It seems to make sense. However, the problem is that a fur coat needs to ‘breathe.’ (Yes, we realize how ironic that sounds.) Putting it in a plastic bag will prohibit it from breathing and damage the fur, the lining, or both.

Cover Fur Coats with Cotton During Summer

While covering your fur coats in plastic is a no-no, covering them in a cotton sheet is a yes-yes! It’s easy, inexpensive, and takes mere moments. Drape a cotton sheet over the fur coat, wrapping it around firmly but not too tightly. After that, use some large, plastic clothespins to keep the sheet in place. Voila, instant cotton fur coat cover!

You can also purchase cotton garment bags online if you like. They’re not too expensive, and they have zippers that make them super convenient. But, if you want to save money, cheap cotton sheets will do the trick just as well for less.

Don’t Stuff Your Fur Coats Too Close Together

If you have one fur coat, you can skip this Tip. If, however, you have several, it’s a good one! The thing is, trying to stuff too many fur coats in a closet is a bad idea. As a natural garment, fur coats need to hang freely, with plenty of space. If they don’t, they can get musty or even moldy, which is never good. If possible, store them loosely in several closets if necessary.

Speaking of which, if you store your fur coats in a storage unit, we highly recommend using garment or wardrobe boxes. They have bars on top that allow you to hang your fur coats just like in a closet. They’re also large and stable and you can reuse them every season. (At SecurCare, we sell wardrobe boxes and packing tape. Just FYI.)

Store in a Dark Location Stable Temperatures

This is probably the most important tip of all when it comes to how to store a fur coat in the summer. The location, whether it’s a closet, the garage, or a storage unit, needs to be dark. It also needs to have a moderate temperature, around 55 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Most importantly, that temperature needs to stay stable. Temperature spikes, especially hot spikes, can be very damaging to fur coats. For this reason, many people choose climate-controlled storage units to store their furs. That way, the temperature stays the same inside no matter what Mother Nature’s doing outside.

Use the Correct Type of Hanger

As you may have guessed, fur coats are rather delicate. That’s why., to make sure they keep their shape while in storage, using the correct hanger is a must. Several manufacturers make hangers specially designed for fur coats, which we recommend. You can also purchase a regular hanger, but we suggest getting one as big and wide as possible. That way, your fur coat will better keep its shape while hanging in storage.

Store Fur Linings, Hoods, and Scarves In an Uncovered Box

If you have fur accessories like scarves, parka trim, and others, you can store them in a plain cardboard box. Remember to leave the top off or open so that they can breathe. Also, we recommend putting them on the top shelf so that nothing can fall on them or cover them accidentally.

How To Store a Fur Coat in the Summer

Brought To You By SecurCare Self Storage

Fur coats might not be everyone’s cup of tea; it’s true. But, if you own one or inherited one, keeping it well stored will keep it in excellent shape. At SecurCare, we offer climate-controlled storage units that are perfect for fur coats. Whatever you decide to do, whether at home or with us, best of luck storing your fur coat in summer.

8 thoughts on “How to Store a Fur Coat in the Summer”

  1. I have a mink and leather pocketbook. How can I store that. Someone told me in the crisper drawer in the refrigerator.

  2. We recommend looking online for more information or checking with the manufacturer for the best care instructions.

  3. I knew that there must be guidelines, and THANK YOU for posting this! Now I’m confident that my new costuming business is off to a good start!!
    I have real fur (fox, mink, rabbit) and faux fur finishes that I need to know how to care for. The synthetic is easy, it’s the real fur that I want to protect and preserve as well as possible.

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