Women’s Day Wishes From SecurCare

Sending Women’s Day wishes this year is extra special because it’s the 100th International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2021! IWD celebrates the achievements of women in culture, politics, and society. It’s also a yearly call-to-action for the rights and equality of women everywhere. This year’s IWD theme is Choose to Challenge (#choosetochallenge). Our society can advance by challenging norms, inequality, bias, and stereotypes.

In addition to IWD on March 8th, the whole month of March is marked as Women’s History Month: a celebration of the vital role women play in American history. Here at SecurCare Self Storage, we’re proud to have balanced corporate and field offices. The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 56 percent of our field team is comprised of women.
  • 53 percent of our corporate parent company, National Storage Affiliates, are women.
  • Our CEO is a woman.

For these reasons, we want to extend Women’s Day wishes to all of the wonderful women that make SecurCare (and everywhere) great.

How to Send Women’s Day Wishes

We hope that everyone this year will celebrate the women that have made a difference in their lives. Whether mothers, teachers, mentors, coworkers, sisters, or friends, they have a lasting impact on our lives. These are the women who mentor and nurture you and help you become strong, independent, and proud. To help you celebrate, we’ve included some e-cards that you can copy or download and send to someone you love.

E-Card #1: Woman’s Day Wishes for Mentors

Take a few minutes to celebrate the mentors you’ve had in your life. The teachers, professors, and peers who have always had your back. The women who helped build your confidence in yourself and your abilities. Copy and paste this e-card and send it to someone who mentored you:

women's day wishes

E-Card #2: Woman’s Day Wishes for Nurturers

No matter your gender identity, everyone needs a little nurturing now and again. There are caring, compassionate women who make a huge difference in our lives. They take care of us when we’re sick and lift us when we’re feeling blue. They show us the meaning of empathy and the importance of communication skills. Send this e-card to someone who nurtured you:

women's day wishes

Celebrating Women Leaders at SecurCare

As we mentioned earlier, we’re proud of our balanced offices. We had the pleasure of sitting down with a few of the women leaders of SecurCare to connect with them on their stories. We wanted to hear their advice and about why they love working with us.

Property Manager Mary Hawkins

Mary Hawkins is the Property Manager of SecurCare in Greenville, SC, a position she’s held since October of 2020. Before working with SecurCare, she was in the hotel industry.

“I was familiar with SecurCare prior to applying to this position because I had been a customer for more than a year,” Mary said.

“I chose the facility I rented with because of the security it offered. The manager lives on-site, and security cameras, and a gate that requires a security code. Plus, I love the fact that there are so many women in upper management positions.”

women's day wishes
Mary Hawkins, SecurCare Property Manager

Property Manager Tymekia Tindal

“I realized that SecurCare shared a lot of the same values that I do, such as providing great customer service and making sure that everyone feels welcome.

– Tymekia, SecurCare Property Manager
women's day wishes
Tymekia’s SecurCare location

Tymekia Tindal has been a property manager at SecurCare for almost 3 years. When asked about inspiring women in her life, Tymekia mentioned her sister.

“A woman in my life that has had a significant influence on my career and life would be my sister, Tywanda. My sister served in the Army for 12 years and throughout most of that time, I have watched her grow to become a mature and successful woman.

One thing she always told me, and it has stuck with me to this day: “Find something you enjoy doing so it doesn’t seem like work”.

Read Tymekia and Mary’s complete interviews on LinkedIn.

Melissa Cameron, an NSA Corporate Leader

Melissa Cameron, Vice President of marketing at our parent company, National Storage Affiliates, gave us a little career advice to pass on to the women reading this article.

“The advice I’d have for women to advance their careers is to […] push yourself out of your comfort zone. Challenge yourself. What that means is – what are you missing? Don’t stick with doing what your specific job description stated.”

“What’s going to drive you to be more involved in something and to build your own career? In many ways, you’re responsible for that growth. So push yourself out of your comfort zone and find those further opportunities beyond what you’re doing today.”

Read the rest of Melissa’s Interview on LinkedIn.

women's day wishes

Happy International Women’s Day 2021!

To the amazing women out there who make a difference in our lives, SecurCare and beyond, we hope you #choosetochallenge. Thank you for your kindness and your strength. Have a joy-filled Women’s Day!

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