How to Become a Wine Collector + How to Start a Wine Collection

Wine is one of humanity’s favorite adult beverages. In fact, humans have cultivated wine for centuries. People the world over enjoy wine in all of its delightful and distinctive varieties. Sommeliers commit years to become wine connoisseurs and guide customers to the perfect pairing. In this article, we help you answer the most basic questions on how to become a wine collector. So grab a glass of your fave vino, and read on. Your wine collecting hobby begins now! Start your wine collection by asking yourself the following questions:

7 Questions to Ask Yourself When You Want to Start a Wine Collection

#1: What Type of Wine Collector Will You Be?

When considering how to become a wine collector, you should consider what types of wines you enjoy. Wine collecting is, at its most basic, a collection of a specific thing. Whether that thing is GI Joe action figures, teaspoons, airplanes, or wine, it’s a collection. You have to decide what kind of collector you’re going to be. 

The first is a collector who collects for pleasure, with little or no desire to make profits. The second is a collector who collects for enjoyment and profit-making. This decision will affect how you buy your wine and for what reason. 

The former will buy wine based on their taste and bias—a wine they enjoyed at a party or dining out. The thought of future profits does not influence their decision. The latter will always take profit into account, which adds a certain level of bias to their decision. (It’s no longer solely about taste and pleasure.) Neither choice is better, per se, but they will influence the way you collect your wine.

#2: What Should a Wine Collector Invest?

Some people jump into their search for how to become a wine collector with both feet, spending quite a bit when they do. Others go slower (and sometimes really slow), buying a bottle or two here and there. Neither of these methods is wrong, as long as it’s on a budget that fits your lifestyle. (That’s the key because frankly, no hobby is worth going broke.) Wine experts say that for $300 to $400, you can start a modest wine collection. They also will tell you that, for $1000 to $2000, you can put together an impressive display. One that, as they say, will stand the test of time. We suggest that you take a hard look at your finances and decide what you can afford. That way, you can enjoy your new wine collecting hobby (without giving your bank account a reason to drink).

#3: Should You Get Professional Refrigeration?

If you’re becoming a wine collector for pleasure, you probably won’t need to worry about refrigeration. However, if you’re investing in wine for profit, professional refrigeration is a must. The truth is, wine can be very fussy. If it isn’t stored correctly, long-term, the climate can ruin it. This, of course, can drastically affect your profit margin. Professional refrigeration will keep your wine at the optimal temperature of 55 F. The best refrigerators will protect your wine against temperature fluctuations and spikes also. If you plan to amass an extensive collection, professional refrigeration is a must.

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#4: Where Will You Store a Wine Collection?

Much like refrigeration, wine storage is a significant variable that you must consider. If you plan to purchase a few bottles here and there, storing them at home in a cool, dark place is best. Yet, if you plan to create a more extensive collection, a basement or other similar space would be very helpful. (You need a storage area that won’t be prone to temperature fluctuations.) However, if you don’t have a basement or wine cellar, you can always rent a storage unit. 

At SecurCare, we keep our storage units clean and well-maintained year-round. They’re secure and safe, with 24/7 video monitoring and on-site managers during the day. Our self-storage facilities also have climate-controlled storage, which is perfect for wine collections. One of the other great benefits of a storage unit is that you can spread out your collection. You don’t have to stuff all your wine into a cramped space at home. Instead, you can buy some metal shelves and organize your entire wine collection the way you like it. 

#5: Do You Love a Certain Wine?

Bring passion to your search for how to become a wine collector. One of the pleasures of starting a wine collection is that, if you loved a particular bottle, you could enjoy it again. Of course, it helps if you purchase a few immediately after you taste that specific bottle. That way, you’ll get bottles from the same case. That’s why wine experts say that if you love a bottle, buy it. If you can afford it, buy a case. If that’s beyond your budget, buy 2 or 3 bottles. That’s how you start a wine collection.

#6: Should Wine Collectors Join Winery Clubs?

When you’re looking into how to become a wine collector, winery clubs should be on your list of considerations. Whether for pleasure or profit, it never hurts to get deals on your wine purchases. The best way to do that is to join a few winery clubs and get on their mailing list. That way, any time they have a sale or sell “futures” of an upcoming vintage, you’ll know. A wine “future” is when a winery cells and upcoming vintage below the final bottle cost. It’s slightly risky because the real character of the wine isn’t known yet. It can often get you a great deal on some great wine.

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#7: Are You Enjoying Being a Wine Collector?

As a wine collector, never forget that this is your hobby, and you should enjoy your hobbies. Wine is a fantastic and fickle thing, and its value is sometimes a mystery. Like any hobby, treat it with respect, care, and as much adoration as you like. If you want to know how to become a wine collector, enjoying yourself is the most crucial step.

How to Become a Wine Collector + How to Start a Wine Collection

Wine collecting is an exciting and adventurous hobby to take up. After asking yourself these 7 questions on how to become a wine collector, you’ll be up there with the best of the sommeliers in no time. Now that you know the ins and outs of wine collecting, check out our other storage tips and tricks:

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