Social Distancing Party Ideas

We know the holidays during the pandemic are looking somewhat dull and gloomy. That’s why we wanted to bring you our best ideas on how to make the most of your winter months. With a little inventive thinking, you can create some extraordinary social distancing party ideas for a fun and safe COVID Christmas. So here’s how to plan a social distancing holiday party!

Let’s Get This (COVID-Safe) Party Started!

To keep you and your family COVID-safe this Christmas, we’ve gathered these socially-distanced holiday party tips and ideas! Please remember to follow all CDC guidelines, like wearing a mask and washing your hands.

Social Distancing Party Ideas: Try a Zoom Christmas

You may manage to host a few friends and family in person, but what about those in the high-risk category? Thankfully, there’s Zoom. There is A LOT you can do to have an awesome Zoom party. Try getting in the holiday spirit with a festive background! There are tons to choose from for your Zoom calls.

You can claim to be anyplace you need to be – why not urge every one of your companions to set their zoom themes to something festive, such as the North Pole? Choose outdoor themes to make up for the claustrophobic vibes of zoom calls.

Social Distancing Party Ideas: Store Your Furniture

Another social distancing party idea is to remove your furniture so your family can maintain social distance. Try removing unwanted seats and tables, so no one finds an excuse to break the 6 feet distance rule. Put the furniture in storage or in your garage to create more space inside your home when plan a social distancing party. This will help you ensure that you, and the individuals around you, follow the WHO guidelines for “great respiratory hygiene.”

If you transform your home into Santa’s cave this Christmas, you must change it all back again after New Year. Regardless of whether you have only a couple of valuable trimmings or you went crazily big on Christmas decor, it’s important that you have storage solutions to preserve your works of art, that’s where we come in! Store your excess decorations with SecurCare Self Storage after the parties over.

Social Distancing Party Ideas: Rent Out a Park

If you plan on hosting many friends and family members, then warm up to the idea of open-air Christmas. You can rent a park in your neighborhood to make social distancing practical in your celebration. That implies utilizing tables divided in any event six feet apart.

Use what you have. You don’t have to get extravagant and lease a lot of furniture. Pull out the plastic tables from the guest room. In such a large setting, one way to create a connected vibe is using marching table covers. Find other ways to keep people connected but safely apart in large family gatherings.

Now is an opportunity to gather umbrellas, coolers, refreshment tubs, string lights, fire pits, and outdoor lights. Offering visitors covers, hand warmers, or wraps is another approach to overcome the outside’s cold.

Be Careful With Social Distancing Party Ideas

The thoughts recorded here are applicable to any Christmas or holiday event where you find yourself far from home. While these ideas are meant to bring a little joy for this odd-looking holiday season, please use caution.

Listen to your local health officials and follow the social-distancing guidelines of the community you live in. There is no doubt that things will be different during COVID Christmas. Yet, with the right attitude, we can have flawless and enchanted holidays. Happy celebrating!

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