7 Tips for How to Style a Blazer

Some staple pieces never go out of style and blazers are a key item on that list. As we all return to the office this year (whether we want to or not), we need to bring our blazers back out of the closet to refresh our outfits. Blazers came into fashion as part of a suit. But today blazers are a stylish and versatile layering piece in any outfit. So let’s discuss how to style a blazer for 2022.

Tip 1: Add a Casual Blazer to Your Style

Blazers are no longer just for board meetings and offices. You can style your blazer with joggers or a chic midi skirt for casual wear too! Blazers are an excellent choice because you can wear them at work and when you’re doing something fun. A chic blazer fits right into the corporate world if you’re a young professional moving up. They’re also a great choice for lunch with friends, going to a show, or a night on the town! Even better, you can pair a simple blazer with so many things in your closet: t-shirts, blouses, slacks, jeans, even a slip dress! In other words, blazers are a fashion staple and a must-have item in any young woman’s wardrobe.

How to Style a Blazer

Tip 2: Think About Your Fabric

The fabric of your blazer will affect how you style it. So let’s review some fabric basics. You’ll want to save your wool and tweed blazers for the winter or fall when you need the extra warmth. A linen blazer is the perfect summer layering piece to add dimension to your outfit. Leather blazers are also having a moment this year, so you can style up your blazer with this little change.

Tip 3: Style Your Blazer for Extra Warmth

Blazers are a fantastic choice when transitioning from summer to fall and fall to winter. They look great, fit in at the office, and provide an extra layer of warmth when the temps drop. That makes it perfect for staying warm and looking fantastic, whether you’re at work, home, or enjoying some “me time.”

The fashion trend of blazers with big shoulders came back in style and then quickly went back out. Of course, it’s been coming and going since the 80s, so don’t toss those big-shoulder blazers just yet! (Just hide them in the back of your closet until they re-emerge as the next fashion trend.)

How to Style a Blazer

Tip 5: Keep it Classy with a Timeless Plaid Blazer

A plaid blazer is a timeless staple for your wardrobe. When you buy a plaid blazer, you’re getting a clothing item that’s been in style for decades! You can pair a plaid blazer with many things: including plain white tees, jeans, and boots on casual Fridays. They also go great with slacks and a solid-color blouse, too. But truly the options are endless.

Tip 6: Opt for a Stylish Leather Blazer

For a bit more style at work, nothing beats a black leather blazer (or, if you prefer, faux leather.) Fashion experts recommend going with a looser cut that’s slightly oversize. Also, they recommend against paining a leather blazer with other leather pieces. Rather, pair it with slacks or jeans and a nice blouse.

Tip 7: Store Extra Clothes in a Storage Unit

Many up-and-coming professionals live in small city apartments. If that’s you and you’re running low on closet space, renting a storage unit is a great solution. A small storage unit costs much less per month than an extra bedroom in your apartment!

If you’ve got a lot of expensive clothes, a climate-controlled storage unit might be a perfect choice. This type of storage unit will protect your blazers and other clothing items from extreme heat or cold. This way you can style your blazer year after year with no damage. By the way, wardrobe boxes are a must if you plan to store your clothes.

Another excellent reason to rent a storage unit is this; saving money for a bigger place. For example, you could rent a 1-bedroom apartment rather than a 2 or 3-bedroom place. Take the money you save and put it into REITs until you’ve got enough to buy your first place!

How to Style a Blazer

Blazer Style Tips Brought to You by SecurCare

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