Fall Family Pictures: A How-To Guide

It’s the perfect time of year to snag those fall family pictures! The leaves are finally changing. You know what that means — matching family outfits for fall pictures.

The biggest question you might have is where to take the best pictures. If that’s you, we have some great news! We’ve compiled tips for taking the best family pictures. We’ll also share the best spots for pics in Tulsa, Atlanta, Colorado Springs, and Oklahoma City! So what are you waiting for? Read on! We can’t wait for your phenomenal family pictures!

Step #1: Plan What You Want

Knowing what you want those family pictures for is vital. For example, do you want pictures for a family calendar? How about this year’s holiday greeting card? Maybe you want some family pictures to post on social media? Do you want to create scrapbooks to look back on one day? Don’t forget to store them. That way, they’ll stay in great shape!

  • Looking for holiday cards? Make sure you plan a background that can accommodate the whole group! Matching outfits are a must with cards too!
  • Looking to add to your baby book? Make sure you bring props or toys so you can get shots of your kids smiling!
  • Do you want pictures for Instagram? Choose an aesthetic location or concept!

Step #2: Plan Matching Family Outfits

When you’re taking family pictures, you obviously want everyone to look their best. You probably also want them to stand out. For that, matching family outfits for fall pictures is a great idea! Matching outfits add so much life and fun to your family pictures. Here are a few tips to get the whole family looking fine for your traditional fall pictures:

  • Plan what your matching family outfits for fall pictures in advance.
  • Instead of totally matching colors, try color-coordinating.
  • Choose clothing that’s practical and comfortable.
  • Use fun accessories to give your family pictures pizzazz.
  • Bring layers like sweaters, vests, and flannels in case it gets chilly.

We’ve created a Pinterest board full of color schemes and cute fall outfits for family pictures to inspire you!

matching family outfits for fall pictures

STORAGE TIP: We recommend you pull your seasonal clothing out of storage early. That way, you can make sure it’s clean and ready before the big picture day! That’s especially true if you store your clothes in a climate-controlled storage unit.

Step #3: Photographer or Tripod?

If you’re keen on saving money, DIY family pictures are the best. For that, you’ll need a tripod and a camera or smartphone with a timer. Then set up the shot and run in while the camera counts down! However, hiring an expert is an even better idea if you have the extra cash set aside. A professional photographer can really help you get amazing fall family pictures! Here are a few reasons why:

  • Photographers help you look more natural in poses.
  • They can help find the best lighting and angles.
  • Photographers are great with colors and composing shots.

Step #4: Location, Location, Location!

Beautiful locations always make for the best fall family pictures. A view with unique surroundings or sunset can turn an ordinary picture into magic! If that’s what you want, skip down to our list of the best places to take fall family pictures below!

Where to Take Fall Family Pictures in Tulsa, OK

Tulsa offers many wonderful locations for family pictures in autumn. Whether it’s the famous Route 66 or the downtown art deco buildings, you’ll never run out! Below are a few of the very best locations in Tulsa to shoot family pictures you’ll cherish for years:

Where to Take Fall Family Pictures in Atlanta, GA

In Atlanta, you’ll run out of places to shoot beautiful fall family pictures. Stunning Stone Mountain is just outside the city. The Chattahoochee River runs right through it! Centennial Olympic Park is a family picture favorite too. Little Five Points is absolutely amazing! Need more? Take a look below to see all the best Hotlanta locations to grab some gorgeous family pics:

Where to Take Fall Family Pictures in Colorado Springs, CO

With 300 days of sunshine per year, Colorado Springs is perfect for family pictures in the fall. With some of the country’s cleanest air, getting outside is a pleasure. Getting outside to take fall family pictures is even better. You’ll find perfect locations all around the metro area. Some of the best are below for your perusal:

Where to Take Fall Family Pictures in Oklahoma City, OK

With more human-made lakes than any other state, Oklahoma has miles of coastline! It also has plenty of cattle trails and ranches for family pictures. Read on to see our list of the best of them:

Storing Your Family Pictures

If you’re like us, you love the look and feel of a physical album. Digital pictures and albums are great, but holding a picture in your hand is different. Your family history comes to life. However, you don’t want these memories filling your closets and attics! If that sounds familiar, a storage unit may be the perfect solution. Store all your fall family pictures safely in a clean, secure location.

Now that you know our top tips for taking the best fall family pictures have fun! We hope we helped make some fantastic memories.

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