Tips for Homeowners Looking to Sell

If you’re selling your home, you might be a bit nervous about the colder weather. The fall and winter seasons are typically slower when it comes to housing activity. However, by following these simple steps you can better secure the interest of potential buyers.

Know the Appropriate Price for Your Home

According to U. S. News & World Report, it is critical to price a home to match the current local market. Ensuring the price is appropriate right out of the gate is of great importance. “The first 30 days’ activity of your house being on the market is always the best activity you’re going to see,” says Michael Mahon, general manager of HER Realtors. If you try to sell your home for too much money, buyers will assume you are unwilling to negotiate or not as serious about selling the property. Speak with a real estate professional to figure out how much you should list your home for. Their experience and understanding of the local market will help you decide on an appropriate price that will increase interest and still get you top dollar for your home.

Be Flexible with Showings

When you are trying to sell your home make time to allow interested buyers to check out the property. Be flexible about visitors coming to look at the home during different times of the day and week. Host an open house and ensure you advertise it properly in local newspapers and online.

Ensure Optimal Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home provides interested buyers with one of the first impressions of the property. Ensure the door is painted, the roof is in mint condition and the yard looks well-kept. If you need to invest in new landscaping or new gutters, don’t hesitate to invest the money in these improvements. They will surely pay off as more buyers make offers on the home.

Staging is Key

According to HGTV, staging your property is one way to increase the appeal of your home. By presenting your home without clutter and with a little extra style, you’ll have more interested buyers who want to make an offer on the house. Consider hiring a professional home stager to get the job done. It is important to prepare for the inconvenience of constantly showing your home throughout the week. You’ll need to get used to keeping your home clean throughout the week, and you may need to plan to have your children or pets in another location during showings. While you love the kiddos and your furry friends, they can quickly and easily cause quite a few messes before showings and open houses. Pack up some of your belongings before showing your home to eliminate clutter and make your house look larger.

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