5 Tips for Painting Your Interior

A splash of color in any space can truly help liven up your home. If you are going to paint a room, make sure you pick a color scheme that works and a shade that compliments what you want out of the space. Follow these five simple tips when painting your interior living spaces:

1. Mood and Lighting Matter

According to HGTV, you will want to select a color that reflects the purpose of each room. If you paint the dining room, you might want to consider a color that makes guests feel more stimulated and social. However, if it’s a formal dining room – a hue that provides a different kind of ambiance is necessary. Neutral and blue-green shades provide a more sophisticated look while warm and bright colors help promote a more social atmosphere. Lighting is another important aspect to consider. If a room gets a great deal of natural light throughout the day, it will likely make the color you select brighter. Therefore, selecting a strong color in a room with large windows might not be the best idea.

2. Concentrate on Larger Patterns

When selecting a color scheme, find the largest pattern in the space and use those colors to inspire the shades you incorporate into the room, according to HGTV. For example, if your decorative rug has a large red and white pattern, you’ll want to consider red shades to bring a room together.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Color

When selecting a shade, remember you can always be creative. Consider using unconventional colors, like black, or mixing colors that you wouldn’t ordinarily. Keep in mind that you can always paint over the walls if you aren’t satisfied with the results. However, test your color choices on the wall prior to applying to the entire room. A small swatch or an entire wall can help you envision the room in that shade and ultimately help with your final decision. If you really want to experiment with different colors, consider adding chevron patterns on the wall or painting the trim a contrasting hue.

4. Consider Different Finishes

When painting, the color isn’t the only thing to think about. You may want to use different finishes to bring fun and interesting textures into the room. Another way to get some fun textures in your home is by painting a wall with a matte finish and adding semi-gloss painted stripes. The depth created by this technique will create a unique and interesting feature for your room.

5. Store Items While Painting

Before painting your interior, move your furniture, hanging art and any other possessions to a storage unit. By doing this, you’ll avoid getting paint on your belongings while completing the job. SecurCare Self Storage offers a variety of storage units, so head to a local facility today and speak with a friendly professional.