Preparing Your Home’s Exterior for Fall

Fall is here, which means it’s time to properly get your home’s lawn and exterior prepared for the colder months ahead. In addition, it’s a great time to ensure your lawn is the envy of the block, according to This Old House. “This is prime time to prep your yard for the next growing season,” said Roger Cook, a landscape contractor. In addition, you should consider adding a few festive fall accents to enhance the look of your exterior. Follow these tips to get ready for cooler weather:

Love Your Yard

Grass roots continue growing until temperatures drop to 40 degrees. Cook suggested applying a high-phosphorus mix to your yard to keep your grass growing strong. This will also help your grass turn green a little faster when the weather warms up again in the spring. In addition, you’ll want to mow your lawn a final time. “Disease has a harder time with shorter grass, and fallen leaves blow across the lawn because they have nothing to latch on to,” said Cook.

Leaf Maintenance

In addition to raking leaves, you’ll want to consider collecting them in a compost bin. Flip the pile about once a week to aerate the compost. This can be used in the spring to promote healthy growth for all of your landscaping. In addition, you’ll want to clear your gutters of leaf build-up, as it can impact the drainage.

Create an Autumn Ambiance

Southern Living suggested adding a few pumpkins to your front porch. If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your pumpkins, consider painting them with gold metallic paint. Get creative with patterns – like spots or stripes. Also, you should add fun and colorful fall plants to your entrance. From beautiful mums to goldenrod blooms, you can incorporate festive shades into your landscaping as well as your front porch.

Add Mulch

Your younger plants will need to be mulched before the ground freezes. This will help support them during the winter months by keeping new plants and trees warm and controlling soil erosion.

Store Your Tools

After you’ve mowed your lawn for the last time, raked all the leaves and trimmed your bushes, keep your lawn maintenance supplies out of the way in a storage unit. SecurCare Self Storage offers customers friendly and professional service. Head to a nearby location and find a storage unit for your tools today.