New to Brew: A Guide for Aspiring Brewers of California

Since the boom in craft beer popularity, many new establishments have popped up across the U. S., and California is home to countless breweries. Brewing adheres to the rule of four in many ways. The How-To Homebrew Beer Magazine indicated malt, hops, yeast and water are the four ingredients that allow you to create your very own homemade beer. Malting, mashing, boiling and fermenting are the four steps to brewing liquid gold. If you’re interested in homebrewing, conduct a little research and determine a plan to ensure a positive experience.

Know the Laws

The California Home Homebrewers Association indicated that you may only produce beer without a license if the beer is intended for personal or family use. Ensure you understand how much beer can be made for your state and familiarize yourself with any other laws surrounding this hobby. For example, in California you can produce no more than 100 gallons each year if there is one adult in the household who is of legal drinking age and no more than 200 gallons if there are two or more adults present. Knowing the law before brewing is of paramount importance.

Understand the Science and Art

Brewing is not just following instructions and making beer. BeerSmith Home Brewing Blog indicated, you’ll need to ensure you understand the science and art behind brewing beer by reading books, participating in online forums and gaining more experience. By broadening your understanding of brewing, you can perfect your ability to brew high-quality beers.

Invest in Brewing

In addition to investing time into the art, you’ll also want to make substantial purchases to ensure you can make the best beer possible. Instead of buying a more affordable option that won’t meet your needs as you develop your skills, wait to invest in the more expensive and higher quality products. This will ultimately save you money. For example, if you know you’ll want to invest in a larger pot for brewing, don’t settle for smaller pots early on, because you will likely spend money on every size between 3 and 9 gallons.

Know the Shelf Life of Your Ingredients

When brewing, it is critical that you only use fresh and high-quality ingredients. Be aware of how long your malts and yeast are good for before using them to brew. You will also want to watch out for contamination. Unwanted microorganisms may infect your beer and create a foul odor. While it can be frustrating, proper sanitation will get easier as you gain experience as a homebrewer.

Create a Brewing Room

When you decide to start brewing your own beer, you may want to dedicate an entire room to the process. Clear out an extra room in your home and repurpose it for brewing. You can store any furniture or other items in a storage unit, while you use the space to concoct your very own signature beer. Whether you’re in San Bernardino or Hemet, there are plenty of California storage units available for your needs. Check out your local SecurCare Self Storage facility for available storage units and speak with a friendly storage expert today.