Military Moves

If you have dedicated yourself to the armed forces, you are no stranger to moving. According to DoSomething. org, an organization powered by Yahoo, military families move substantially more than most civilians. In fact, those who serve our country relocate 10 times more than families who are not enlisted. Whether it’s your first military move or your 20th, follow these tips to make relocation a little easier on yourself and your family:

Keep Important Papers and Items Accessible

U. S. News & World Report suggested gathering all critical paperwork and organizing it into folders that have been carefully labeled. You’ll want to keep these documents with you throughout the move. In addition, you’ll want to make sure other belongings you will need as soon as you move are accessible. Pack a bag with the essentials and keep it with you during the move. If you need to pack anything essential in a box, ensure it is clearly labeled. You may want to use a brightly-colored tape to make a specific box stand out from the others.

Sell, Give Away and Throw Out

The fewer items you need to worry about during a move, the better. Before packing all of your belongings up and heading to your new home, check if there is anything you can get rid of first. If you want to make a little extra cash, consider holding a garage sale a few weekends before packing and moving. You may also want to give items to a local charity if they can be used by others. Don’t hesitate to throw away old and broken items.

Stay Connected and Updated

Smartphones and tablets provide individuals with the ability to communicate with others seamlessly. Use this to your advantage during a move. Ensure you have the number of your movers and that these professionals have yours. Also, use your mobile device to track changes in weather or traffic. These can impact you and the moving truck’s route.

Moving on Base

Sometimes, when you and your family move, there is a waiting list for housing on base. So, if you’ve packed up and moved to Fort Bragg in North Carolina or any other military base, and you know you will be on a waiting list, you’ll want to plan ahead. Fayetteville storage units keep all of your belongings safe and secure while you wait for housing on base. This eliminates the need to move your items into temporary housing and then move them once again to your on-base housing, which better ensures you will experience an easier and less stressful move to your new home. SecurCare Self Storage facilities offer friendly and professional service to those who serve our country. Check out one of our seven Fayetteville locations and ask about available storage units for your unique needs.